CIECA Services

CIECA Standards are organized by the services they support.  Each service provides a complete set of documentation, schemas and test instances necessary to develop and implement successful integrations.


Scheduling for Glass Inspection, Glass Repair, Glass Replacement, Vehicle Damage Estimate, Repairs, Towing, and Rental.

Appointment Message


Assigns a task to be completed (Vehicle Damage, Property Damage, Rental, Glass, Subrogation, Towing - Including Roadside Assistance)

Assignment Message


Send Embedded Attachment, Provide Attachment Locations, Attachment Integrity Validation

Attachment Message


Rental Extension Requests, Rental Extension Inquiries, Rental Contract Changes

Authorization Message


Provide Initial Claim Information, Provide Updated Claim Information.

Claims Message


Vehicle Disposition (e.g., Total Loss, Fleet, Rental), Title Process, Auction Sale Process, Abandonment, Title only, Tow only, Title and Tow.

Disposition Message


Details of the needed repair or damage estimate 

Estimate Message


Reporting of loss and providing updates, request for additional information, Gather Information and Confirm or Deny Approval, Communicates approval or Disapproval.

FNOL Message


Invoices, Rejections, Statements and Remittances

Invoice Message


Request Rental Office(s) locations, status and availability and Handle special request.

Location Message


RFQs, Quotes, Requests on Hold Part(s), Orders, Order changes, Order Cancellations, Shipping Notices, Invoicing, Returns, Inquires, All Part Types and materials, Repair Orders.

Procurement Message


One or many Claim File Inquiries, Claim File Status Report(s), Subrogation Parties Information and Settlement Proposals exchange

Status Messge


Survey Requests and Reports for (Estimates, Repair Orders, Glass Repair or Replacement, Rental, Towing, Property Damage, and other Survey Types)

Survey Message


Request Lien Release Information for Payoff, Identify Processing Issues and errors, Provide information to correct and resolve issues, provide additional Information, provide payoff information.

Title Message


Request Valuation Reports, Provide Valuation Reports, Request Additional Information, Inquire status, Cancel Valuation Request.

Valuation Message

Vehicle Repair Status

Repair Facility and Repair Order Registration, Rental Registration, Inquiries and Status Updates, Production Stage Changes, Rental Status Inquires, Close the Repair Order.

Vehicle Repair Message