The Code List

Most applications include data elements that have a fixed domain of variables.  They usually appear in the application as a drop-down list or checkboxes.  The CIECA Code List is a comprehensive collection of all the variable codes that are necessary to support system integrations.

The CIECA Master Code List is a spreadsheet that consists of 185 tabs that correspond to data elements that have a Closed Enum data type. 

  • Some tabs contain a relatively small list of variables (i.e., Adjustment Category has 8 codes.)
  • Some have hundreds of variables (i.e., Country Code has more than 250 codes.)

Code List Structure

Index Page

The first tab of the Master Code List is an index of all the lists and includes hyperlinks to the corresponding tab.

List Pages

Each code list has a unique page in the workbook.  All list pages have the same structure and layout.  

  • A header section identifies the code list name and source information as well as revision date information.
  • The code list section lists the code used in the CIECA message as well as a description and any release specific information.

The illustration below is the code list for the <FuelType> data element.  It contains all the valid values that may be included in a CIECA based message.