The CIECA Webinar Series provides a forum to share timely and relevant information with the collision industry. CIECA provides an opportunity for industry experts to share information critical to the future of the industry in an objective and unbiased setting. CIECA Webinars are not intended for commercial sales presentations.

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Oct 2022

CIECA 2023 R2 Release

CIECA’s Architecture Committee and Paulette Reed, CIECA’s technical project manager, will discuss the following during the webinar:

  • Updates made to the 2023R2,
  • Information about the development of CIECA API Standards (CAPIS) and how they are being structured, and
  • Two members companies will talk about their use of CAPIS.

Aug 2023

Current & Forecasted Collision Industry Trends

Bart Mazurek, Vice President, Automotive Services Group (ASG) Consulting & Services, CCC Intelligent Solutions shares economic trends, repair metrics and the significant impact EV's are bringing to the market.

Jul 2023

Industry Challenges and the Need for Transparency

During the live broadcast, John Eck, Michael Giarrizzo and David Willett discuss current industry challenges and the importance of all industry stakeholders working together.

Jun 2023

The Future Digital Landscape:  

Chuck Olsen, Sr. VP Operations & Automotive Technology at AirPro Diagnostics discusses “blue-sky thinking” and it's impact on new technologies the collision industry is currently learning about, what stakeholders can expect to see in the near and extended future and how it may impact businesses.

Olsen recommends that the industry embrace 

May 2023

The Future of Automotive Technologies

Chris Chesney, VP Training and Organizational Development discusses where the industry is in relation to the goals of the government, the effects of the global economy and the constantly advancing technologies.

Apr 2023

OpenAPI Development 

Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Darrel Miller, Microsoft API Architect shares information on the upcoming developments in OpenAPI and best practices for the industry.

Mar 2023

How to Adapt to the Speed of Change in the Collision Industry… Without Getting Crushed

Ryan Taylor of BodyShop Booster shares the secrets of embracing Upstream Thinking, how to adapt to the technology wave and From Fear to Freedom, how the military uses changes as a fuel for advancement.

Feb 2023

Building a More Connected Body Shop for Today... 

and the Future 

Andy Boyd, 3M's Digital Solutions Commercialization Leader for the United States and Canada, discusses the increasingly connected body shop and how connectivity can unlock greater value and profitability.

Jan 2023

The New, New Normal for the Claims and Collision Industry

Sean Carey discusses the cost of COVID-19 to the claims and collision repair industry, how the industry is handling the “long tail of COVID-19” and the lagging consequences to the market. He will also discuss how the new, new normal will be around for a very long time and have a lasting impact on the industry.

Oct 2022

CIECA 2022 R2 Release

Paulette Reed discusses the latest changes to included in the 2022R2 release. Dan Webster, Mitchell International, and the chairman of CIECA’s Architecture Committee, provides an update about the CAPIS initiative. Mike Hastings,, talk about specific tools that are being used for the project. 

Aug 2022

Autonomous Vehicles:  Fact vs Fiction

Tara Andringa, Executive Director of Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) discusses the evolution of the autonomous vehicle and what we can expect to see in the future.  

Jul 2022

New Technologies in Paint & Coatings

The one-hour webinar features Daniel Benton, Global Product Director of Color Marketing with Axalta Coating Systems, Andy Hysi, eBusiness Manager with AkzoNobel, and Jeff Wildman, BASF’s North American Manager of OEM & Industry Relations. Benton, Hysi and Wildman discuss new technologies in the paint and coatings industry and the impacts to vehicle repair, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), and other new vehicle technologies.

Jun 2022

Charged for Success: Understanding EV Trends and Their Impact

Ryan Mandell of Mitchell Intl discusses electric vehicles and their impact on all industry stakeholders.  As more consumers embrace EVs and automakers promise an all-electric line up, insurers and repairers must prepare for dramatic changes to the way they manage collision claims.

May 2022

Data Sharing and the Unintended Consequences

Pete Tagliapietra, managing director at DATATOUCH discusses the importance of Personal Identification Information (PII) and repair data privacy along with security trends in the collision industry. The discussion includes the impact of Data Pumps on the industry and the impact on industry stakeholders.

Apr 2022

CIECA 2022 R1 Release

Paulette Reed discusses the latest changes to the CIECA Standards, which are included in the 2022R1. Dan Webster, Mitchell International, and the chairman of CIECA’s Architecture Committee, provides an update about the CAPIS initiative. Andy Bober, Entegral, and Mike Hastings,, talk about specific tools that are being used for the project. Paul Barry discusses the CIECA Simplified standards project, which aims to offer standards that meet the needs of CIECA’s membership and the industry.