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CIECA Membership

  • CIECA is a membership-based, non-profit organization created by and for the collision industry. 
  • ​CIECA membership grants a license to use CIECA Standards, schemas, code lists and implementation guides.
  • ​Membership fees are based on annual revenue to provide a balanced model that is fair to all companies. 
  • ​The low entry cost to join CIECA is attractive to start-ups and smaller companies looking to do business in the multi-billion-dollar collision industry.
  • ​CIECA membership significantly reduces Time to Market for new products and allows everyone in the industry to integrate seamlessly with minimal friction or operational resistance.

Membership Types

Technology Corporate

For companies that develop and sell commercially available software products and services. 

          • Information Providers
          • Technology Companies
          • Equipment Manufacturers

Non-Technology Corporate

For companies that use technology but do not derive revenue through the direct sale of technology-related products.

          • Insurance Companies
          • Rental Car Companies
          • Glass Companies
          • Repair Providers
          • Paint & Material Supplier


For associations that support the collision industry.

How to Join CIECA

We offer different ways to pay your CIECA membership depending on whether you want to join immediately and pay by credit card, or if you prefer we invoice you so you can pay by check or ACH.

Pay Now – Credit Card

If you want to join now and access CIECA Standards immediately, you can do so by paying with a credit card.

See the Corporate Pricing Plans below and click the Join Now link for the appropriate plan.

Pay Later – Invoice

If you would prefer an invoice to send through your accounts payable process, we can help you get started today.  

Contact us and let us know you are ready to join CIECA.

Contact Us!

Join Now!

If you're ready to join CIECA, select your membership type and we'll get you started.

Technology Cos.

For companies who publish and sell commercial software products.

Non-Technology Cos.

For companies that use technology, but don't sell it.

CIECA Membership Pricing

CIECA membership is priced according to the size of the company. We use annual revenue as a proxy for how many CIECA-based transactions a business is likely to perform in the course of a year. Smaller companies will generally conduct fewer e-commerce transactions than their larger counterparts.

The goal of CIECA pricing is to make membership affordable and efficient for every segment of the industry. Starting as low as $750/yr for non-technology companies with revenues less than $1 million/year, CIECA membership is a very efficient means of accessing industry standards and implementation documentation.

CIECA Corporate Pricing Plans

TierRevenue Technology CorporateNon-Technology Corporate

For companies that develop and sell commercially available software products and services. 
 For companies that use technology but do not make revenue through the direct sale of technology-related products.
 Tier 1Under $1M$1,000$750
 Tier 2$1M to $10M $2,000$1,500
 Tier 3$10M to $25M $3,000$2,250
Tier 4$25M to $50M$4,500$3,750
 Tier 5$50M to $100M$6,000$5,250
Tier 6$100M to $500M$7,500$6,750
Tier 7$500M to $750M$12,000$8,250
Tier 8$750M to $1B$13,500$9,750
Tier 9$1B to $20B$15,000$10,000
Tier 10$20B and greater$15,000