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The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) is a subscription-based organization that provides members with access to collision industry data standards to be used for developing APIs and web services.


The primary objective of CIECA is to develop and publish data standards for the collision industry.  Corporate members are granted a license to download and use CIECA Standards as needed.


To promote the development and use of CIECA Standards and help members implement standards successfully, CIECA offers an educational series in the form of monthly CIECAST webinars.

Industry Forum

CIECA plays a unique role working across all segments of the collision industry. In this role, the organization often serves as a forum where new issues come to light and new business and technologies arise. Companies can also bring issues forward for thoughtful and productive discussion.

Industry Networking

CIECA committees and events draw representatives from across the industry, often creating unique opportunities to have meaningful discussions with people you might not otherwise encounter. CIECA offers the opportunity to expand your understanding of the industry and meet people from all segments of the industry.

Get to Know CIECA

CIECA is governed by a Board of Trustees. 

Each year, the board elects an Executive Committee to provide operational guidance to the CIECA Staff.

Board of Trustees

Member companies are selected from various industry segments to ensure CIECA maintains a fair and balanced perspective that is in the best interest of the industry.

Executive Committee

Each year, the Board of Trustees elects a small group of fellow board members to act as the Executive Committee and provide operational oversight to the Staff.


Day-to-day operations are managed by a team of industry professionals who work with committees to develop standards and educational content.