CIECA Membership Pricing

CIECA membership is priced according to the size of the company. We use annual revenue as a proxy for how many CIECA-based transactions a business is likely to perform in the course of a year. Smaller companies will generally conduct fewer e-commerce transactions than their larger counterparts.

The goal of CIECA pricing is to make membership affordable and efficient for every segment of the industry. Starting as low as $750/yr for non-technology companies with revenues less than $1 million/year, CIECA membership is a very efficient means of accessing industry standards and implementation documentation.

CIECA Corporate Pricing Plans

TierRevenue Technology CorporateNon-Technology Corporate

For companies that develop and sell commercially available software products and services. 
 For companies that use technology but do not make revenue through the direct sale of technology-related products.
 Tier 1Under $1M$1,000$750
 Tier 2$1M to $10M $2,000$1,500
 Tier 3$10M to $25M $3,000$2,250
Tier 4$25M to $50M$4,500$3,750
 Tier 5$50M to $100M$6,000$5,250
Tier 6$100M to $500M$7,500$6,750
Tier 7$500M to $750M$12,000$8,250
Tier 8$750M to $1B$13,500$9,750
Tier 9$1B to $20B$15,000$10,000
Tier 10$20B and greater$15,000