Disposition Services

The purpose of the disposition service is to provide standardized messaging for the salvage disposition industry. The guide, along with its referenced documents and links, provides a detailed explanation of the messages by defining uniform data content, valid codes, and specifying values for making salvage disposition information requests and responses to business partners.

Use of this guide will aid users in successfully migrating from their own internal format to the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) standards recognized throughout the industry

The Disposition and Invoice Services may be used by the Collision Industry to send and/or receive Salvage Disposition message requests and responses, including invoice requests, remittance requests, and their responses.  These messages are sent either as a specific message or in bulk with multiple messages.  The saved information may also be used for the creation of data reports, and for the management of salvage disposition.

Use Case

Overview Pre-Conditions, Triggers, Outcome, Industry Benefits of using Disposition Services.


Detailed flowcharts that represent the Disposition workflows in the Collision Industry.

Data Dictionary

Definitions of all related data elements and a comprehensive description of the standards usage.

(Reference Section 6)

Code List

Comprehensive list of all industry standard codes for use in collision industry API and webservices






CIECA BMS Messages

Disposition Add Assignment

This Message is used by Salvage Provider to communicate a salvage assignment or reassignment.

Disposition Inquiry

This Message is used by the Salvage provider to the Salvor to request a response to an inquiry.

Disposition Status

This message is used by the Salvor to communicate the current status and notify of a change of status. 

Disposition Change

This message is used by the Salvage Provider to communicate a salvage assignment change. 

Disposition Cancel

This message is used by the Salvage Provider to communicate a salvage assignment cancellation.

Disposition Response

This Message is used by the Salvor to respond to a Salvage provider.