FNOL Services

The First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Service is to provide the business partners the ability to notify and be notified of accident information. These services will enable the notification of an accident through the claim initiation or loss denial of coverage.

Use Case

Overview Pre-Conditions, Triggers, Outcome, Industry Benefits of using FNOL Services.


Detailed flowcharts that represent the FNOL workflows in the Collision Industry.

Data Dictionary

Definitions of all related data elements and a comprehensive description of the standards usage.

(Reference Section 16)

Code List

Comprehensive list of all industry standard codes for use in collision industry API and webservices






CIECA BMS Messages

FNOL Report Add

This message can be sent from an agent, third party administrator, a person, or from the vehicle or other automated devices to report and accident or event.

FNOL Change

The FNOL report Change Request is a request for more information from the TPA or Agent or is a response to the request for more information.

FNOL Response

This message is used by the receiver of the request message, to confirm receipt.