Attachment Services

The Attachment services messages can either contain embedded attachment(s) or a link to an attachment(s). 

Use Case

Overview Pre-Conditions, Triggers, Outcome, Industry Benefits of using Attachment Services.


Detailed flowcharts that represent the Attachment workflows in the Collision Industry.

Data Dictionary

Definitions of all related data elements and a comprehensive description of the standards usage.

(Reference Section 7)

Code List

Comprehensive list of all industry standard codes for use in collision industry API and webservices





CIECA BMS Messages

Attachment Add

This is a generic aggregate for the Attachment.  It was initially built based on the 841 EDI transaction and was made generic as it can be used by other applications beyond those that were used by the 841 EDI transaction.

(Note:  The Price Adjustment and Summary Totals Info found in the 841 EDI transaction were not included in this generic Aggregate)

Attachment Response

The Attachment Response message is to send confirmation of receipt messages back to the party sending the message.