Location Services

The Location Services are used for car rental location information.

NOTE:  Rental Location and Rental Office are synonymous terms and ‘location’ and ‘office’ are unused interchangeably. 

Use Case

Overview Pre-Conditions, Triggers, Outcome, Industry Benefits of using Location Services.


Detailed flowcharts that represent the Assignment workflows in the Collision Industry.

Data Dictionary

Definitions of all related data elements and a comprehensive description of the standards usage.

(Reference Section 12)

Code List

Comprehensive list of all industry standard codes for use in collision industry API and webservices






CIECA BMS Messages

Rental Office Add

This message is used to send the Rental Offices and detail information about each office.  This can be in reply to a specific request or can be sent as a scheduled update of rental offices.  There may be no offices provided in this message, and there may be many offices included.  If multiple offices are included, the distance and ranking from the service area can be provided. 

Rental Office Inquiry

This message is used to request Rental Office availability

Rental Office Add/Inquiry Response(s)

These messages can be used as a generic response indicating the message was received and was able to be parsed or they can be used to send the Rental Offices and detail information about each office.