New Member: Vaultoniq

11-16-2022 11:09 AM By Stacey Phillips

Vaultoniq has joined CIECA as a Corporate Member. Founded by Tom Zoebelein in 2022, Vaultoniq is a sister company to Stratosphere Studio and Capture the Keys.


“Vaultoniq software is a management system built for body shops to help eliminate the communication breakdown between customers, insurers and employees,” explained Zoebelein. “It centralizes all customer and insurer communication and stores data, estimates, photos, invoices, OEM procedures, measurements, scans, authorizations and more in each customer record.” 

The software also utilizes an AI-powered Siri or Google function.


Zoebelein has been involved with additional businesses in the collision repair industry since 2011, including the National Auto Body Council (NABC). He worked with CIECA over a decade ago and helped coordinate videos for the organization.


With the launch of his new company, Zoebelein said he is looking forward to being involved with CIECA and having Vaultoniq software communicate with the industry management systems.


“I don’t think you can build collision industry software without CIECA Standards,” he said.

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