New Member: Precision Diagnostics

05-25-2022 10:15 AM By Stacey Phillips

Precision Diagnostics has become a CIECA Corporate Member. Since the company was established in 2019, their team has focused on setting up full-service mechanical sublet service centers in Wisconsin and mobile sublet vehicle diagnostics and calibration services across Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Precision Diagnostics is owned by Tom McGuire and David Zielke and employs 45 team members.

The company has a long-standing relationship with various members of the CIECA team.


“As we continue to evolve and enhance our value and the user experience we bring to our body shop customers, we wanted to provide them with a level of trust and assurances that the data they share with us is used in compliance with the industry standard,” said Joel Adcock, director of business development. “We couldn’t be more excited to join CIECA at a time when the level of knowledge and technical data sharing will become even more prevalent.”


Adcock said their team often asks customers to share estimate and repair information to help them repair vehicles properly and ensure critical safety systems work as intended.


“We understand that customer information is sensitive and want to provide a level of certainty, through our CIECA membership, that we value the integrity and safety of this information,” he said. “We can’t think of any more trusted medium to provide this level of understanding to our customers than CIECA.”

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