New Member: Mountaineer Business Technology (MBT)

01-17-2023 02:45 PM By Stacey Phillips

Mountaineer Business Technology (MBT) has joined CIECA as a Corporate Member. The company was incorporated in 2021 by Peter Sheehan, a software engineer and technology consultant. Before forming MBT, Sheehan was the executive vice president of the Independent Automotive Damage Appraisers Association (IADA). 


MBT assists small business owners to build, expand and maintain websites, servers, apps and APIs. The company’s slogan is, "If you can dream it, we can build it.”


Although MBT does not exclusively serve clients in the collision industry, it has been a strong focus since its founding due to Sheehan’s knowledge in this area.


Sheehan has been familiar with CIECA since his early career when he worked for an independent auto damage appraisal firm. 


“We support CIECA's mission and see the great value it provides,” said Sheehan. “We have several clients who utilize CIECA standards in their technologies and there are many more businesses in the industry that need to work with these technologies.”


As part of the company’s commitment to serving the technical needs of small business owners, he said MBT became a CIECA member to provide services to those working with CIECA's EMS, BMS and API Standards.


“From a technical perspective, having a defined universal standard is essential,” said Sheehan. 


He said if every estimating platform used its proprietary standard, it would be very challenging for companies trying to build technologies that integrate and interact with those platforms.


“Having an independent organization like CIECA, which is universally respected and supported by all industry players, helps to foster interoperability and cooperation throughout the industry, helping us all to do our jobs better,” said Sheehan. “In this day and age, business is fundamentally about the exchange of information and fostering the free exchange of information is what CIECA is all about. Supporting CIECA is a no-brainer.”

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