New Member: Kustomine Joins CIECA

08-19-2021 03:17 PM By Stacey Phillips
Kustomine joined CIECA as a corporate member. Established in 2020, Kustomine is a cloud-based software start-up company that provides a paperless customer experience.  

“We created Kustomine to reduce environmental impact, save time and money and provide clean data into the tools shops use to run their businesses,” said David Sanchez, CEO of Kustomine. “Our goal is to empower business owners with valuable customer insight to drive marketing and sales.”

Kustomine is owned by David Sanchez and his family. Sanchez said the software was created to solve a problem at their MSO, B&S Hacienda Auto Body. “It was so successful that we decided to turn it into a cloud-based software product,” he said.

The Kustomine team learned about CIECA when searching for an industry standard for data formats in the collision industry. 

“We were extremely happy to find CIECA Standards documentation,” said Jeff Hill, a software consultant for Kustomine. “It has become our guide for integration into all of the tools we plan to provide data into.”

Sanchez and Hill said they are looking forward to getting involved in a CIECA committee.

“Having standards in the collision industry is critical,” said Hill. “If you take health care as an example, EHR (Electronic Health Records) has proven to be critical to increasing the quality of care and enabling real-time patient data. As software development power has increased and many vertical industry standards have proliferated, this convergence of data has brought about incredible opportunities in the collision industry and beyond.”

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