New Member: IADA Joins CIECA

09-23-2021 02:57 PM By Stacey Phillips
The Independent Auto Damage Appraisers Association (IADA) joined CIECA as a Corporate member. IADA is a nonprofit trade association for auto damage appraisers. Founded in 1947, the association is dedicated to supporting the independent appraiser profession and promoting skills, education, ethics and professionalism. In 2020, IADA began an Education Program to bring a variety of training courses to automotive damage appraisers.

IADA recently elected to become a CIECA member as part of its general industry outreach initiative.

“We are focused on keeping our association at the forefront of our field, and technology is an important part of this goal,” said Pete Sheehan, executive vice president of IADA. “Since CIECA is a leading entity in the technology of our field, becoming a member was a natural fit.”

Sheehan said the importance of having independently maintained electronic communication standards cannot be overstated.

“Without organizations like CIECA, the modern business world would be in chaos due to competing and incompatible communication standards,” he said.

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