New Member: DataTouch

10-04-2022 12:30 PM By Stacey Phillips

DataTouch LLC has joined CIECA as a Corporate Member. Established in January 2022 by Pete Tagliapietra, DataTouch was formed to assist collision repair shops and vehicle manufacturers with protecting personally identifiable information (PII). The company also helps them comply with federal and state laws as well asblock the unauthorized sharing of this information and repair data with the shops’ trading partners. 


Tagliapietra’s affiliation with CIECA goes back to 2005, when his former company, NuGen IT, was a member. Before NuGen IT was sold in July 2020,Tagliapietra was on the CIECA Board of Trustees for several years.


“My company fully understands that the collision industry cannot operate efficiently without CIECA Standards,” said Tagliapietra. “Having access to these standards is imperative for DataTouch.”


Tagliapietra said the industry’s adoption of EMS, the initial CIECA Standard, created a paradigm shift with the e-commerce model within the collision industry.


“While there is an opportunity to refine the e-commerce transaction model, it will not happen without CIECA taking a leadership position to do so,” he said. “By joining CIECA, DataTouch will be able to stay on the forefront of emerging standards that will be key to maintaining the business’s long-term success.”


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Stacey Phillips