New Member: ADAS Solutions USA

03-28-2024 11:30 AM By Stacey Phillips Ronak

CIECA welcomes new Corporate member ADAS Solutions USA, LLC. COO Jerry Cathcart started his first calibration center in Loveland, CO, in July 2021 to perform ADAS static calibrations. He partnered with Daryl Bennett, the company’s current CEO, and Cliff Mayer, VP of Business Development, and the three owners incorporated ADAS Solutions USA, Inc. in June 2022. The majority of their 35 employees are calibration technicians.


ADAS Solutions USA currently has nine locations—eight in Colorado and one in Tennessee—all owned and operated by the organization. New locations are scheduled to open in St. Louis, MO, and Dallas, TX. The company’s goal is to operate at least 100 locations in the coming years.

Frank Phillips, vice president of strategy, has been a CIECA advocate and supporter for more than 20 years.


“Being a CIECA member at previous organizations has given me a clear picture of what organizations can gain by being involved as members,” he said.  “Once I shared the value and purpose of CIECA, Jerry and the team were quick to support our membership.”


Phillips said that ADAS language is currently disorganized and not readily accepted by those outside collision repair.


“As technology continues to evolve, and ADAS technology definitions change from being convenience features to regulated safety systems, it’s going to require the service industry to align to ensure these important systems on our vehicles are as carefully and correctly considered and repaired as structural and welding repairs are considered today,” he explained.


He said CIECA will ultimately play a huge part in developing industry standards around ADAS systems and how they are identified electronically.


“ADAS Solutions USA, Inc. recognizes the value and critical importance of developing standards and is excited to join CIECA to achieve something similar in the ADAS space,” he added.


Phillips said the risk has never been greater than today with the opportunities that ADAS repair and calibrations bring.


“Creating a digital standard for these repairs will enable the industry to better navigate the fast-paced changes we are going to see for the next several years,” he noted.

Learn more about ADAS Solutions USA. 

Stacey Phillips Ronak