CIECA 2022 Committee Meetings Kickoff 

01-04-2022 11:35 AM By Stacey Phillips

What's new in your business segment? 

Are the standards meeting your needs? 

What changes would you like to see?

As CIECA begins creating CIECA API Standards—the next generation of industry standards—we need your input! Members and interested parties are encouraged to attend any of the following meetings to provide feedback and get involved:

Appointment Messages 

(Scheduling Committee)

Jan 12, 11 am -Noon CST

Assignment and Attachment Messages 

(CER, Glass, Rental, Scan, Subrogation, and VDI Committees)

Jan 12, 12-1 pm CST 

Valuation Messages 

(Total Loss Committee)

Jan 12, 1-2 pm CST 

Disposition Messages 

(Salvage Committee)

Jan 12, 2-3 pm CST 


Authorization Messages 

(Rental and Repair Status Committees)

Jan 13, 11 am-Noon CST

Estimate and Claims Messages

(Calibration, CER, Glass, SCAN, and VDI Committees)

Jan 13, 2–3 pm CST 


FNOL Messages 

(FNOL Committee)

January 26, 11 am-Noon CST

Invoice and Status Messages 

(Glass, PMP, RP&I, Rental, Salvage, Subrogation, and VDI Committees)

January 26, 12-1 pm CST 

Survey and Title Messages 

(CSI and Motor Vehicle Titling Committees)

January 26, 1-2 pm CST


Procurement Messages 

(CER, Glass, PMP, RP&I, Repair Order and Scan Committees)

January 27, 11 am-Noon CST

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