BMS Member Spotlight: Widewail

03-16-2021 03:54 PM By Stacey Phillips

Widewail Leverages CIECA BMS-Based Integration 
To Assist Shops With Online Reviews

In 2018, Matt and Angi Murray launched Widewail, a reputation management technology and services company located on the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT. The company focuses on managed services and review generation as part of an organic search strategy. Its goal is to help local businesses improve volume, frequency and quality of reviews on sites like Google and Facebook, while also improving the visibility of their Google My Business page.

Widewail joined CIECA in 2021 so the company could integrate with a location's transaction record in order to automate the process of review solicitation.

We recently talked to Adam Burnett, chief technology officer at Widewail, about the BMS implementation and the benefit of using industry standards.

Q: What prompted Widewail’s integration utilizing BMS and what did it entail?

A: We took on this project as part of a client request. We decided to fully integrate with BMS as opposed to a one-off integration. We felt it would help us expand our reach into the collision repair space as a whole for our review solicitation product, Widewail Invite. After becoming familiar with the industry landscape, we were ready to undertake the project. 

Q: What and who was involved in the integration and how long did it take?

A: After the requirements were gathered from the client, the actual BMS integration work only took about two weeks.

Q: How were CIECA standards used in the integration?

A: We used the CIECA’s documentation as the main source of truth when writing our integration. The hope is that by integrating to the BMS standard we can integrate with the compliant system that we encounter more quickly.

Q: What benefits came as the result of using a BMS integration for Widewail Invite?

A: As with just about all local, service based, businesses shoppers rely on on-line reviews to choose which shop to do business with. With Widewail Invite, a shop's customers can be asked to leave a review once the job is completed. Our integration with CIECA BMS allows this all to happen automatically without taking additional time away from shop staff.

In our experience, happy customers will leave a review, all you have to do is ask. Increasing review volume increases ratings which in turn provides a boost in SEO and local search rankings. With the help of CIECA BMS, Widewail makes it easy!

Read about Widewail.

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