BMS Member Spotlight: Tractable

06-30-2022 10:07 AM By Stacey Phillips

Tractable’s Use of CIECA BMS Standards Enables 

Easy Integration & Successful Business Results

Tractable, founded in 2014 by Alex Dalyac and Razvan Ranca, develops artificial intelligence (AI) to help people and businesses repair, protect and transact cars and homes. With a team of 300 employees, the company’s AI solutions process more than $2 billion in vehicle repairs and purchases annually and are utilized globally by leading automotive and insurance companies, including more than 20 of the Fortune Global 500. Tractable’s goal is to transform visual assessment to accelerate accident and disaster recovery and vehicle inspections with speed, accuracy and efficiency.


We recently talked to Jimmy Spears, Tractable's Head of Automotive, about the company’s use of CIECA Standards.

Q: How is Tractable using CIECA Standards in its business and why was that decision made? 

A: CIECA is the lexicon of success in the greater collision industry eco-sphere. The data dictionary, code lists and schemas provide a great start to any size company of any age in the collision economy and Tractable uses all the workflows, code lists and schemas required to have the top-performing AI product available for the industry. The decision to use CIECA BMS standards for our business was an easy one—we wanted the most comprehensive standards to offer a product that would be embraced by the industry upon launch. 

Q: What is the advantage of having standards in the collision industry? 

A: The collision industry eco-sphere is large and is only growing in complexity. The introduction of ADAS, EVs and now AI, into both the consumer's and industry's hands, reinforces the decision to standardize elements for the benefit of all participants in the industry. 

Q: Is anyone at the company currently part of any CIECA committees and how does this involvement help support the ongoing efforts of improving the CIECA Standards?

A: James Spears and Odom Wu proudly serve on committees and James Spears will co-chair the AI standards committee. It is very rewarding for us to know we are doing our part to serve present and future collision industry members. 

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add about Tractable’s use of CIECA standards or standards in general?

A: Tractable is a seven-year-old company processing millions of transactions per year. We collect, process and pass information to serve customers impacted by automobile accidents. CIECA standards and the products we use allowed us to produce an industry-ready service at launch that's able to be used by very mature companies with easy integration and successful business results for our mutual customer: the vehicle owner. 

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