BMS Member Spotlight: Opus IVS 

03-31-2023 10:52 AM By Stacey Phillips

BMS Enables Opus IVS to Efficiently Share Important Data with Customers

In 2020, Opus IVS (Intelligent Vehicle Support) was established to help the vehicle maintenance and collision industry safely repair and maintain complex vehicles through OEM-approved diagnostic tools, remote services and live repair assistance. It was formed from various companies, including Drew Technologies, Autologic, AutoEnginuity, Farsight, Bluelink, and Auto Techcelerators. The earliest, Drew Technologies, was established in 1996.


Approximately 400 employees work for Opus IVS in seven offices across three continents. The business is a part of Opus Group, a global inspection company with over 2,700 employees worldwide. Opus Group's largest owner is Searchlight Capital.

We recently talked to Brian Herron, CEO of Opus IVS, about the company’s use of CIECA Standards.

Q: How long has Opus IVS used CIECA BMS Standards and how is the company currently using them?


A: Opus IVS began using CIECA standards in 2020. Today, we utilize the BMS Standard to import estimate and repair order data into our DriveSafe diagnostic tablet to help users get accurate vehicle and repair data when scanning or calibrating vehicles.


We use the BMS standard to import vehicle and estimate/repair order data into our ADAS MAP platform to help users quickly and accurately identify ADAS systems, components, locations and required calibrations while creating an estimate or repair plan. We also utilize BMS in the recently acquired CoPilot software and mobile app suite. 


Q: What are some of the benefits of using CIECA Standards and how have you found them helpful when communicating with other industry segments?


A: The main benefit is that CIECA’s standards provide everyone with a ‘standard’ way to share data, which reduces development and implementation times. It also allows companies like ours the ability to integrate with more companies. 


Q: Are any Opus IVS team members currently part of CIECA’s committees?


A: Frank Terlep, our VP of ADAS Services, has been involved with CIECA since the early days of CIECA. He actively participates in multiple CIECA committees and co-chairs the Emerging Technologies Committee. We look at our involvement as not just a benefit for our company but also as an opportunity to help the industry. 


Q: Is there anything else you would like to add about Opus IVS’s use of CIECA Standards?


A: Opus IVS will continue utilizing CIECA Standards as long as they help our company integrate and share important data with our customers and the companies that we do business with. We encourage CIECA and its members to keep doing what you do! 

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