BMS Member Spotlight: Mitchell International, an Enlyte Company

09-29-2022 05:58 PM By Stacey Phillips

Mitchell International Embraces Use of CIECA Standards

In 1946, Mitchell International, Inc. was founded by Glenn Mitchell, a parts manager who was known for his love of the automotive industry and his extensive book of lists. These lists—which included vehicle part numbers, pricing and descriptions—eventually moved from printed manuals to computer applications.


Today, Mitchell’s robust data and innovative technology support the auto insurance, collision repair, disability and workers’ compensation markets. Each month, the company processes tens of millions of transactions for more than 200 insurance providers, 20,000 collision repair facilities and 70,000 pharmacies.

In 2021, Mitchell, Genex and Coventry aligned their joint industry expertise and advanced solutions to form Enlyte, a parent brand with more than 6,000 associates committed to simplifying and optimizing property, casualty and disability claims processes and services.


We recently talked to Jack Rozint, Mitchell’s Senior Vice President, Repair Sales, about the company’s use of CIECA Standards.


Q: How long has Mitchell used CIECA Standards and how is the company currently using them?

A: Mitchell is a founding member of CIECA and has been using CIECA standards since the mid 1990s when the initial EMS standard was published. Mitchell’s cloud-based estimating platform gives auto body shops the ability to easily transfer appraisal data to their repair management system of choice using CIECA’s XML-based BMS standard. In addition, since many applications still rely on its predecessor—the EMS standard—our platform supports that as well, providing collision repair professionals with added flexibility.


Q: What are some of the benefits of using BMS Standards when communicating with other segments of the industry? 

A: The BMS standard provides a complete set of schemas to support every major collision industry workflow, making it easier to share and store estimate data. Additionally, since BMS creates separate services, only the required data is shared with industry partners. This can help prevent customer data from inadvertently falling into the hands of unaffiliated third parties.

Q: What is the importance of getting involved in the organization?

A: Mitchell has always supported CIECA and its mission. I was a founding member of the board when CIECA was formed in 1994. As a technology leader in the collision repair industry, we realized early on how important a flexible, open platform was to our customers. That is why we developed turnkey solutions that embraced CIECA standards—giving facilities the freedom to use our technology and data with the other solutions needed to efficiently run their businesses.

Q: What team members are currently part of CIECA’s board and committees? 

 We currently have three employees serving in leadership roles within the organization. They are:

  • Phil Martinez, Mitchell’s Senior Technical Consultant, is the current CIECA Chairperson, Vehicle Damage and Imaging Co-Chair and member of the Standards Advisory Board, Architecture, Finance, Emerging Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education Committees.
  • Dan Webster, Enlyte’s Principal Architect, is a member of the CIECA Standards Advisory Board and Architecture Committees.
  • Abhijeet Gulati, Mitchell’s Senior Director of AI & ML Engineering, is a member of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Committee.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add about Mitchell’s use of CIECA Standards or industry standards in general?

CIECA standards have allowed for tremendous innovation in the collision industry over the past 25 years—from companies that range from very small to very large. Mitchell is committed to providing advanced technology solutions that allow our customers to work more efficiently while giving them flexibility to access and use their data with other software and services. This would not be possible without standards like those that CIECA members developed and championed.

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