BMS Member Spotlight: Axalta Coating Systems

03-28-2022 10:54 AM By Stacey Phillips

BMS Standards Enable Axalta to Follow Consistent, Recognizable Data Communication Across Platforms

Axalta Coating Systems, established in 1866, is a global coatings company serving the refinish, mobility and industrial markets. The publicly-traded company employs 13,000 globally and is focused on providing customers with innovative, colorful and sustainable solutions. With more than 150 years of experience in the coatings industry, Axalta serves more than 100,000 customers with its coatings, application systems and technology.


We recently talked to Bob Kast, product manager of Axalta Coating Systems, about the company’s use of CIECA BMS Standards.


Q: How is Axalta using BMS CIECA Standards in its business and why was that decision made?


A: Axalta Coating Systems implemented CIECA Standards many years ago in order to follow consistent, recognizable data communication across several platforms. We found that every company had different data definitions that were difficult to align. Constructing systems built on a common data standard, like CIECA, improved the mapping process between companies. 


The Axalta ColorNet application utilizes CIECA BMS Standards to communicate estimate repair data with estimating and shop management systems. The Axalta ProfitNet Management System provides estimate importing, job transfer, parts procurement, and CSI integration based on CIECA Standards. Also, as modules are added or updated, the CIECA Standards are used to guide our team to build core data consistent with data elements used across our industry. 


Q: What are the advantages of having standards in the collision industry?


A: Data standards provide common ground between different systems that share similar customers, interests and data points. While some entities utilize different terminology and specify various levels of detail, most collision industry data can ultimately be categorized into common elements at the most granular level. Using a common data definition allows collision centers and their business partners to seamlessly utilize data between systems to achieve their business objectives.


Q: Is anyone at the company currently part of any CIECA committees?


A: Logan Macpherson, Digital Innovations Manager, joined CIECA’s Board of Trustees in 2021 and is involved with CIECA’s Parts & Materials Procurement Committee. Prior to his involvement, Tom McGarry represented Axalta on the CIECA board for more than 25 years before retiring in 2021 as the company’s North America marketing and strategy manager.

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