Disposition Response Implementation Guide

This message is used by the Salvor to respond to a request (Assignment, Reassignment, Change, Cancel) of a Salvage Provider

Common Recommendations

The following recommendations are common to all Disposition Response implementations 

Implementation / Use CasePurpose Link
 <AdminInfo> AggregateAn aggregate of information that describes the data common to administrative information regarding the parties associated with the document Admin Info IG
 <Party> Aggregate This identifies the type of party.  For the list of values/codes see the Party Type tab in the CIECA Master Code List  Party IG
<VehicleInfo> Aggregate
 An aggregate of information detailing specific information about a vehicle that is directly related to a claim. Private passenger and commercial vehicles are referenced in this specificationVehicle IG
<DocumentInfo> Aggregate An aggregate that contains all of the identifying information about the specific message document.  A message must have a document information segment. The maximum occurrence for a Document Information aggregate is once.Document Info IG
 <AssignmentEvent> How to store the history of an assignment/reassignment with multiple Assignment Events Assignment Event IG
 Control Environmental Reporting Assignment Recommendations for sending control environment reporting information with an assignmentCER IG
 Scan Information Scan Information for an AssignmentSCAN IG

Business Use Case / Specific Recommendations

The following Implementation Guides are used to show how the collision industry shares data with the Disposition Response Message.  The recommended data is suggestions from the industry; you and your trading partner should decide the data you will pass that falls under the BMS Guidelines.

Implementation / Use CasePurpose Link
 Disposition Response
Response to a Disposition RequestDisposition ResponseIG