Assignment Cancel Implementation Guide

Common Recommendations

The following recommendations are common to all Assignment Cancel implementations 

Implementation / Use CasePurpose Link
 <AdminInfo> AggregateAn aggregate of information that describes the data common to administrative information regarding the parties associated with the document Admin Info IG

Business Use Case / Specific Recommendations

The following Implementation Guides are used to show how the collision industry shares data with the Assignment Cancel Message.  The recommended data is suggestions from the industry; you and your trading partner should decide the data you will pass that falls under the BMS Guidelines.

Implementation / Use CasePurpose Link
 Tow Assignment CancellationHow to cancel a Tow AssignmentTow Cancel IG
Vehicle Damage Assignment CancellationHow to cancel a Vehicle Damage Assignment Vehicle Damage Cancel IG
 Vehicle Damage Assignment Reassignment Vs CancelDue to internal processing requirements, it was decided by the committee that they would not reassign it but rather cancel it and create a new assignment.