Location Use Case


Before using Location Services, please review implementation guides between business partners for security and privacy.

Business Triggers

Inquire about rental offices having the noted vehicle and close to the desired location

Response of a Rental Location Inquiry that provides information about rental offices 


A selection of what is the best rental branch for the renter can be made with the information provided in the service.

Industry Benefits
Industry Segments
Industry Benefits
  • Establishment of an accurate and efficient industry standard - by and for industry participants - to be used in the creation and industry standard implementation of electronic messaging for the rental process.
  • XML electronic messages provide capability and flexibility for smaller-scale organizations and applications.
  • Facilitates the integration of rental related messages exchange.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and other manual processes which allows for improved integration of Rental Management information across applications.
  • Management of the standard by CIECA streamlines development, approval, revision, enhancement and publication.
  • An accurate and efficient rental process
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency through an understanding and use of rental industry standards
  • An automated export and import models for rental communication using standard terms, and thus eliminating current paper based processes
  • Establish accurate and efficient industry standard for formatting rental communications. 
  • Allow industry comparisons, regardless of rental services and charges.
  • Potentially reduced repair cycle time due to more efficient communications. 
  • Define communications protocols needed in the vehicle rental process.
  • Enable requestors to reduce cycle repair time by increased accuracy and quality vehicle availability
  • Enable a more accurate and efficient process for participants of the rental industry to work together,
  • Rental industry participants working together to create accurate and efficient processes and standards
  • The process of financial message exchange
  • The committee facilitates the industry’s collection and use of demand data
Industry Segments

Data Recipients

Information Technology Companies

Insurance Company

Rental Provider

Repair Facility