Assignment Use Case


Before using Assignment Services, please review implementation guides between business partners for security and privacy.

Business Triggers

Create an Assignment

Change or Cancel an Assignment

Reassignment of an Assignment

Subrogation Demand to responsible Party

Alternative Dispute Resolution Vendor (e.g., Arbitration Forums, Inc.)


The Receiver of the Assignment request will send an asynchronous response to the requestor to verify the receipt of the Assignment Request.

Industry Benefits
Industry Segments
Industry Benefits
  • Establishment of an accurate and efficient industry standard for Assignment services to be used in the creation and implementation of electronic messaging. 
  • Provide capability and flexibility for smaller-scale organizations and applications that use Assignment services.
  • Facilitates the integration of data exchanged in the Assignment services.
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and other manual processes which allows for improved integration of assignment information across applications.
  • An accurate and efficient assignment process.
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency and timeliness by providing an understanding of all terminology.
  • Provides standard data for both the automated export and import models for Assignment.
  • Allow industry comparisons.
  • Potentially reduced repair cycle time due to more efficient communications. 
  • Define communications protocols needed in the repair process.
  • Standards of the industry's collection and use of demand data.
  • Establishing and improving industry practices.
  • Support for OEM Repair Certification programs.
  • Reduced expenses to all parties
  • Improved cash flow
  • Collect data for business analysis 
  • Improve customer service
  • Recorded Accuracy and information availability
  • Provide service Level attributes (Response Time, Scheduling and Data Exchange Accuracy)
  • Allows for Reporting of Data to identify Trends in the Industry.
Industry Segments

Alternative Dispute Resolution Companies

Commercial Companies

Damage Appraisers

Data Recipients

Fleet Companies

Glass Installers

Glass Suppliers

Information Technology Companies

Information Technology Providers

Insurance Carriers

Insurance Company

Insured and Vehicle Owners

Legal Firms


Other Entities

Paint Vendor

Parts Providers

Photo Estimating Companies

Photo Estimating Software Providers

Rental Provider

Salvage Vendor

Sublet Repair Vendors

Subrogation Attorneys

Subrogation Investigators

Third Party Administrators

Third Party Intermediaries

VDI Provider

  • The assignment messages may include SCAN and Combined Environmental Reporting (CER) Information.
  • Salvage Assignments are completed using the Disposition Add Request Message and not the Assignment messages in this section.  Please see Disposition Use Case for more information.