CIECA Announces CONNEX 2019 Speakers Patrick McGuire & Michael Ortega
Posted on Aug 25th, 2019

CIECA Announces CONNEX 2019
Conference Speakers
Data Privacy in the Automotive Repair Industry: You Better Be up to (5G?) Speed
Patrick McGuire, founder of the Law Offices of Patrick J. McGuire, P.C., in Chicago, Illinois, will explore questions during his presentation such as: Who owns the data vehicles generate, store and transmit? Who should be allowed to access it? And, what responsibilities do repair shops have to protect it? Patrick says conference attendees will gain a better understanding of the issues to develop robust data-protection policies to limit a shop’s potential liability. Over his career, Patrick has built a national reputation as an expert on the intersection of insurance and automotive laws.
The Key to Collaboration: Combining Technology and Communication
Michael Ortega, senior director of Application Development at IAA, Inc., says integrating systems can be the most complex projects and are reliant on strong partnerships. The key to building success, according to Michael, is to be able to collaborate through strong communication and with the right technical tools to increase your project’s speed to market. During Michael's presentation, he will focus on collaborating effectively using the right technical tools, Swagger OpenAPI, including when to use it, how to align your teams and understanding the interface.
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