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MSO Summit 2.0 Recap
Posted on Jul 12th, 2017

Northbrook, IL - The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association hosted the second successful meeting with MSO leadership in their MSO Top-2-Top Summit 2.0.
"Moving the Industry Forward" is the theme and backdrop to these conversations to identify areas of focus for CIECA resources benefiting the MSO collision repairer segment. This exclusive group of industry thought leaders included Presidents and Chief Information and Technology Officers who represent approximately 80% of the MSO categorized operations in the country. 

"The participants are in full support of the CIECA BMS platform and feel it is the foundation of all data software integration and implementation" commented Fred Iantorno, Executive Director of CIECA.  Additionally, the group felt the MSO segment should be the group that leads the charge in broad based requirements among all vendors within the collision space to utilize CIECA BMS Standards.  BMS is delivering great efficiency among the vendors and segments where it has been adopted and integrated.

Janet DeBerardinis, Chief Information Officer of Caliber Collision stated that "BMS business solutions are invaluable when operating 100's of locations as efficiently as possible."

Todd Johnson, Director of Software Development for Service King Collision Repair Centers shared, "BMS provides the foundation to connect the back office to the front office and most recently down to the technician's production space.  BMS is helping us go paperless in the office with vendor connected portals along with ACH and EFT tools." 

"There were real world examples shared of BMS making a difference every day with data exchange tools within these businesses. The greatest "pain point" is BMS adoption and the sunset of EMS" said Paul Gange, President of Fix Auto, USA.

"BMS is where it's at!" said Chad Sulkala of Allstate and chair of the CIECA Marketing Committee. "CIECA is delivering Business solutions to the industry via BMS that are saving companies effort, time resources and cost.  We applaud the companies that recognize the benefit BMS and make the effort to implement at any level."

The group did share that a change in the BMS conversation was needed to be more inclusive of business decision makers as well as the IT Teams.  

The group will continue to meet quarterly and strongly encourages all MSO's to engage in these conversations.  This ongoing dialogue is good for the industry and CIECA to "Move the Industry Forward."

The next Summit will be held on Thursday, August 10, 2017, at 11:00 AM Central. If you wish to participate, email Fred Iantorno at