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axitech Joins CIECA
Posted on Nov 1st, 2018

axitech recently joined CIECA as a new Corporate Member. Based in the UK, axitech specializes in automated crash detection and intelligent accident data exchange for connected cars. 
The company recently launched its services in the US. “We are keen to engage with bodies such as CIECA as we see this as key to delivering services to the highest possible standards,” said Aiden Dunne, director of research and development. “We hope to learn from what other CIECA members are doing and hopefully work with some of them in the future.”
Dunne said the company acquires crash severity data from sensors ?tted into cars that automatically detect collisions. “We combine this data with supplementary data gathered from a smartphone application used to manage the automated deployment of emergency services and collect contextual data,” he explained. “The data is then sent to our platform to be enriched with proprietary algorithms and external data sources and normalized for crash supply chain providers, such as insurers and repair companies.”
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