Retirement Wishes from CIECA Committee Members
Posted on Aug 28th, 2020

Over 18 years ago, Charley Quirt joined the Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) as the organization's project coordinator. He was attending a joint Architecture/Vehicle Damaging & Imaging (VDI) face-to-face meeting in Hollywood, Florida in May 2002 and a CIECA board meeting happened to be occurring at the same time. He was asked to come to that board meeting and share his expertise. The rest is history.
Fast-forward to 2020, and Charley has helped create 202 messages for the collision repair industry, facilitated more than 24 different committees and attended countless meetings for the organization.
We asked Charley to share some of his responsibilities and special memories over the years.
Q: What have your responsibilities been as CIECA’s technical project coordinator? 
A: I have always been independent in finding ways to improve the organization, both in the standards we develop as well as aiding our members in their implementations. It was very important to me that we develop quality products and I’ve done this by creating charters and business plans for all of the committees I managed.
From there, we were able to create a workflow to describe how the Business Message Suite (BMS) standards are identified and what they will communicate.
After working closely with CIECA’s various committees to develop standards and messages, we would then create two documents, the Implementation Guide for the business side and the accompanying Appendix C document for the business analysts and the implementers. We also met face-to-face during the Quality Assurance (QA) process to validate the work that had been done and ensure there were no errors. It’s exciting work and very gratifying to know that it helps all segments of the industry be more efficient, save costs and better communicate with each other.
Q: Can you share some special CIECA memories? 
A: In thinking about my time with CIECA, I have a consistent memory: how all of the committees have dedicated and focused themselves on completing the work set forth in the agenda that led to the creation of their standards and documents mentioned above. Sometimes, it takes a lot patience to do this to get to a final product(s) and I always felt we were all in it together. 
One success is that we never voted on anything! We have always managed by consensus and a win-win solution.
I always enjoyed our very engaging weekly virtual meetings as well as the face-to-face meetings where we had the opportunity to place a face with a name. 
I remember the face-to-face meeting when someone (Phil Martinez) put his hand over the anti-trust and told me that I could recite it by heart. I did. Then, another person challenged me to see how fast I could recite it. I think that once I retire, I will be able to recite it until I see the great standards in the sky! 
The CIECA organization is one that we should all be proud of. Whenever I was in a situation, I was always welcomed with open arms and open minds. The goal was to complete the standards and documents that were needed. By the last meeting, it was always a bittersweet sense of leaving behind something to be proud of and a void felt in missing our weekly meetings with the virtual friendships we had made. 
Q: How has CIECA changed over the years and what has your role been in this change?
A: Wow, there are so many ways. Number one is the growing professionalism in the organization with CIECA’s staff, board and committee members. I’ve found that the changes have been gradual over the years. It’s like seeing a mountain and when you reach the top, there is another. That would describe the path taken to develop and improve our product offerings as a total package, our standards and so much more. 
In the past, when we had a few releases of the CIECA standards, we asked companies what they implemented and if we could share that information. No one offered. When we held our first CIECA Implementation Conference, we hoped someone would step forward and present his or her implementations and experiences. A great memory was seeing our members taking up the torch and many presenting. That has continued to grow. 
Q: What are you plans during retirement?
A: How much time to you have? I’d like to take my Harley to the Black Hill, perhaps Sturgis. I would also like to tour Portugal, Spain (Barcelona!) and Italy when the time is right. I started remodeling my home in Wisconsin, which includes putting in a new kitchen and renovating the first floor (it has only been 40 years!). I also want to update my cottage, which is 75 miles north of where I live in La Valle, WI. I’m also planning to work on the mile-long list of tasks that I know should be tasked. Did you say retire? 
Part of my retirement will be reflecting upon and missing my CIECA life. It has been a great ride, shared with so many great people. Thank you. I will always remember you, your cooperation and your trust. Most of all, your friendship. Thanks for the memories.
Retirement wishes from members:
"As you 'recalibrate' into the next phase of your life, I want to offer my warmest wishes for happiness, peace and fulfillment. As you 'scan' your memories of the terrific work you’ve been engaged in, you have the right to feel a great sense of accomplishment and contribution to our industry. Congratulations and thank you!"
Darrell Amberson, LaMettry's Collision, CIC Chairman
"Charley, you have left an indelible mark on the industry. You have provided calm, insightful leadership through complex and sometimes challenging projects and the industry is better for the work that you have done. You will be missed."
Paul Barry, CIECA's executive director
"Congratulations on your well deserved retirement! You will be missed! Thank you for always being so up beat on every call.  You made us all feel so welcome!"
Cindy Chapman
“Charley, you’re a pillar of this industry! I’ll miss your smiling face almost as much as your 1:00 AM emails. Take care and enjoy the heck out of retirement… Cheers!”
Jon Delgado, APU Solutions
"Charley, after being on many calls that you handled so well, we first met face-to-face outside of some meeting room at some CIECA event. Don’t remember where. For some reason, I thought you would be taller! All the best to you in retirement. We will all miss your efficient and vivacious enthusiasm."
Don Elliott, Carfax
"Charley, congratulations on your retirement! I wish I was able to work more with you and the Architecture Committee. I remember and miss your leadership and the team camaraderie. Best wishes to you in your retirement!"
Rick Glusick, State Farm / Independent
Charley Quirt Memories,
*** Reading the CIECA Anti-Trust message so fast. Wow!
2004 - PMP face-to-face meetings with a large team and Charley managing us all.
2004 - PMP meetings with Charley and Kurt Jingle and how to develop CIECA standards using Excel.
2004 - PMP meetings with Charley and learning about Swim Lane diagrams from Avi Pelc.
2005 - Repair Status meetings and working with Charley and Dave Mieser to get the Repair Status Chapter 9 approved by Architecture and released.
2010 - Working with Charley on the Repair Order message. May have been the quickest start to finish CIECA standard to date. Also, the largest. Charley will tell you.
2011 - At the CIECA Conference 2011 and working with Charley and the Architecture Committee to change the BMS Schema to add the code lists.
2012 - Appointment Scheduling and battling with Charley NOT to add AdminInfo to a potentially light JSON message. Charley won, AdminInfo is in just about every Appointment Scheduling message.
2019 - Asking Charley how the Part Type meeting went with 156 participants and why the OEMs can’t agree.
"Charley, thanks for all your help over the years at CIECA. It is amazing at all the messages that you helped the teams create. You will be missed!"
Mike Hastings,
"Best to you and your new family, your new adventures, and all that retirement has in store for you. For many years, we laughed, we cried, we pushed each other to be better, and we accomplished more together. Many happy years to come, Charley. Enjoy your family." 
Fred Iantorno, VeriFacts Automotive and CIECA's past executive director
"Sending the warmest of wishes for happiness in the next (and hopefully best) chapter of your life.  I will miss you greatly and appreciate every bit of the vast knowledge you have shared with me over the past 10 years."
Becky Kimmeck, State Farm
It was a pleasure to have worked with you and only wish I had the opportunity to have worked with you longer.
Jeff Klock, AkzoNobel
"Charley, it has been a pleasure working with you - I only regret that our time working together has been short! Happy retirement. You deserve it!"
Kelly Lawlor,
"Charley….it has been great working with you over the years. I feel I have gotten to know you both professionally and personally. Your dedication to CIECA, even during turbulent times, speaks to your character and professionalism. Many thanks for all that you have done and may continue to do as a volunteer ! (that is a not so subtle hint).
Clint Marlow, Allstate Claims
"It’s hard to believe it has been over 25 years since the first standard meeting you invited me to in Los Angeles when working at Mitchell. We’ve accomplished a lot over those 26 years from EDI X12 (272/124) standards, EMS, BMS and now JSON. Your dedication and passion has gotten us where we are today. Enjoy your retirement and time with the kids. You will be missed."
Phil Martinez, Mitchell International
"I've enjoyed working with you very much over the last two years Charley! Thank you for all of your guidance and support. You have done a tremendous job helping CEICA's members and have made a huge impact on the entire industry. We will all miss you very much and wish you the best in your retirement."
Stacey Phillips, CIECA Marketing
"Congratulations on retirement. I will miss having you run the committee meetings. Please save all your files before you retire."
Chris Poulos, IAA
"Charley, thank you for sharing 18 years of knowledge with me in a few short weeks and all of your AUFs. It has been a pleasure getting to work with you and getting to know you over the past few weeks. I will miss our all-day meetings more than you know. Enjoy your retirement with your kids, grandkids and many friends. I see lots of kayaking, boating and other adventures in your future. I will let you retire, but I will never lose touch with you. Congrats and enjoy."
Paulette Reed, CIECA's technical project coordinator/business analyst.
"Dear Charley - I wished I had gotten to know you much much earlier. Such a wealth of information and experience, paired with your welcoming personality and great attitude – all together this makes for an unbelievable human being. Wishing you all the best in your retirement and keep ‘winking.. Hugs - Petra"
Petra Schroeder, Collisionista
"So few end their professional career leaving a permanent thumbprint on the contribution that was made by them to the organization they leave behind. Congratulations Charley; you are one of the few and you did it!!"
Pete Tagliapietra, NuGen IT, an OEC Company
"Charley is the nicest guy I ever worked with - so efficient with scheduling and running weekly conference calls and organizing face-to-face meetings (remember those) and annual conference extravaganzas - but face-to-face he was so much more than efficient: his charming, kind treatment of absolutely everyone, everyone!, I’ve ever seen him encounter is what impressed me the most over two decades. I made hay teasing him about allegedly breaking a meter stick in anger during his schoolteaching days, but I could never imagine him actually doing it."
Dan Webster, Mitchell International
"Thank you for writing the digital playbook for all the CIECA teams who contribute to collision repair. You have been a patient guide with a furious work epic and selfless educator. I am blessed to have walked my CIECA journey for ARA with you all these years. You will be missed. Your friend, Ginny"
Ginny Whelan, ARA
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