Committee Descriptions

Committee Description Links
·        Reviews BMS and code list changes
·        Updates schemas for two releases per year
·        New technology awareness and assessment
Committee Page
·        Plans annual conference and CIECAst webinars
·        Develops initiatives to educate members
·        Develops CIECA’s annual conference
Standards Advisory Board (SAB)
·        Includes all System Development Committee (SDC) chairs & vice chairs
·        Manages and approves changes to technical committee
·        Ensures SDC cross communication
·        Approves charters, business plans, Implementation Guides (IG) and IG Appendix Cs
·        Develops and establishes an industry standard workflow and documentation standards
·        Develops industry repair procedures for repairs, including ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), legacy systems, system relearning, etc.
·        Includes scans (pre- and post-scans) in the workflow
Combined Environmental Reporting (CER)
·        Created due to government regulations
·        Eases the reporting burden of repair facilities
·        Goal: Create one record containing all data for government reporting
Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
·        Creates standard questions and answers
·        Enables the maintaining of historic databases
·        Goal: Have one standard for collision Industry (repairers, parts providers, rental, salvage, etc.)
First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
·        Includes FNOL, eFNOL, iFNOL 
·        Goal: Reduce time from accident to repair process to keys-to-owner and improve customer satisfaction
·        Develops inspection message
·        Works on glass-specific Implementation Guides
·        Goal: Integrate glass data standards into assignment, estimate, invoice, CSI, procurement
Parts and Materials Procurement (PMP)
·        Created procurement request for quote (RFQ) to order to shipment to invoice and return
·        Includes OE parts, recycled parts, aftermarket parts, parts providers and parts brokers
·        Integrates procurement data into repair order
Photo Estimate
·        Integrates artificial intelligence (AI) data into estimate message
·        Carries photo estimate identifier into body shop management system
Recycled Parts & Inventory (RP&I)
·        Integrates ARA (Automotive Recycling Association) and CIECA standards
·        Integrates recycled parts into procurement standards
·        Includes inventory records
·        Tracks recycled parts in estimate to part order
·        Locates rental locations and inventory
·        Matches rental owner vehicle to rental vehicle
·        Goal: Rental integration into repair status process; assignment to keys-to-owner
Repair Status & Process (RS&P)
·        Monitors repair procedure with repair status, reporting to carriers and rental companies
·        Proactively extends rental period for repair facility with carriers’ approval
·        Established extensive workflow from salvage pickup to auto auction
·        Integrates whole vehicle auctions
·        Determines valuation process for salvage vehicles
·        Incorporates all formats of scan documents in related CIECA messages
·        Integrates Implementation Guides for consistent implementations across all collision industry segments
·        Creates appointment messages for collision industry companies
·        Acquires appointment options to appointment request and confirmation
·        Enables subrogation assignments and their status reporting
·        Supports subrogation negotiations between demanding and responsible parties
·        Enables third-party/vendor integration
·        Goal of reducing cycle time of salvage vehicles via title processing plus Power of Attorney (POA)
·        Enables communication among carriers, salvors, lenders, state title companies & title processors
·        Integrates financial messages for loan payoff
Total Loss
·        Establishes valuation assessment
·        Supports requests for information, inquiry requests, status request and cancel messages
Vehicle Damage & Imaging (VDI)
·        First SDC; developed estimate and assignment messages with Architecture Committee
·        Extends parts exchange, enabling replacement of an OE with recycled parts including assemblies
·        Creates towing messages
·        Tracks multiple claims in single claim folder