2018 CIECAsts

Dan Webster
CIECAst December 18, 2018
What's New in BMS 2018R2?
This CIECAst will provide a summary of the changes and additions to the BMS in the 2018R2 Release. Dan Webster will present those changes/additions.  Dan is a Senior Architect at Mitchell International specializing in trading partner integrations. Dan will walk through the latest BMS changes to the Code Lists and Schema submitted by committees to support photo estimating and tracking implementation. The presentation will also include how the Architecture Committee continues to improve the quality of each release.
Chris Poulos
CIECAst December 11, 2018

Implementing CIECA Standards: Implementation Guide and Appendix C —BMS, Code Lists and Schema Components
The webinar is hosted by Chris Poulos, senior product manager at Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA). Learn how IAA used CIECA’s Implementation Guide (IG) and the IG Appendix C for their implementation. Chris will highlight what businesses need to know about the IG and Appendix C including the work flow process, which includes the messages and the message purpose so that they can communicate their business needs to the IT department.
Jim McKinney
CIECAst August 28, 2018
Improve the Recycled Part Procurement Process
Today’s speaker is Jim McKinney. Jim will talk about how to improve the recycled part procurement process. During the informative presentation, he will discuss the expansions of recycler groups to provide quality parts in a timely fashion. He will also share how software can play a critical role in that process.
Joanna Cohen and Mike Hastings
CIECAst June 26, 2018
New Part Type Feature for Estimating Systems
The Vehicle Damage Estimate Change message functionality has been expanded. Estimators and repair facilities can now change part types (e.g., change an OE part to a Recycled Part), they can replace multiple parts for an assembly, and damage lines with a quantity of two can be associated with multiple alternative (quoted) parts (e.g., two OE wheels on a single estimate line replaced by one recycled wheel and one aftermarket wheel). This capability is now included in CIECA’s 2018R1 release.  Learn more about this exciting new feature.
Leslie Redfield
CIECAst May 24, 2918
Insights into Photo Estimating by Leslie Redfield, OnSource
A new trend in estimating is the Photo Estimate. There is much debate over this new business process. CIECA has commissioned a Standards Development Committee (SDC) to address the technical aspects of Photo Estimating. This CIECAst will provide a view on why Photo Estimating is so prevalent, as well as the impact on business and steps to take when implementing this process.
CIECA Accomplishments
CIECAst February 22, 2018
2017 Accomplishments & 2018 Projects
This CIECAst is an update of the projects and successes that CIECA and its Member Volunteers have accomplished in 2017 and a glimpse of the planned 2018 projects.