EMS to BMS Mapping

The collision industry has been struggling for many years now to get the information technology systems that it utilizes to exchange data more efficiently and securely.

This document, along with the referenced materials, provide the information to save more money, be more efficient, while upgrading your systems to the current technologies.

In the past 10+ years, the data messaging patterns have changed dramatically, and EMS cannot take advantage of these, nor can any application dependent on EMS. It is time to migrate and move into the new CIECA Standard, the BMS (Business Message Suite).

We are delighted to provide this document to assist those companies that wish to migrate to the BMS or, at least, understand why they should migrate. Additionally, you may wish to review the two videos: Why and When to Migrate from the EMS to the BMS.

Click here to download the Executive Summary.

To download the complete mapping documentation, you will need to login. It is located in the Tool Kit under Tools in the Members Only section. The complete document will provide your developers with a step-by-step map of all the data elements, thereby, saving you thousands of development Dollars and weeks (and possibly months) of development time.