Incubator Program

Incubator Program Requirements:
  • Start-up business within the past twelve (12) months.
  • Primary industry focus is one of the Collision Repair Industry segments: repairers, parts & materials suppliers, insurers, information and software providers, general service providers, and related segments/industries..
  • Company/Individual has the intent to produce products/services for sale within the Collision Repair industry.

Submit a document including the following information, as a minimum:
  • Corporation or Individual
  • Company Name:
  • Company Address/Telephone:
  • Incorporated: Y/N
  • Incorporation State:
  • Incorporation/Origination Date:
  • Principals (with Corporate Affiliation):
  • Investors (with Corporate Affiliation):
  • Corporate Mission:
  • Corporate Vision:
  • Statement of Need (why this scholarship should be granted):
  • Description of Products/Services:
  • Estimated date to market:
  • On which CIECA Committee(s) will you participate:

Documents must be submitted in writing and signed by the principals of the company. Email all documents to:
Incubator Program
The Executive Committee will review all applications at its next monthly meeting. All applicants will receive the Committee's decision in writing.