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August 2021   How Activating AI and Network Connections is Redefining Claims and Repair Experiences  
Marc Fredman, Chief Strategy Officer, CCC and Shivani Govil, Chief Product Officer, CCC will discuss Activating AI and Network Connections to redefine the claims and repair experience.  
“There are two prominent yet competing trends driving our industry: increasing complexity over the long term and consumers’ desire for simplicity,” said Fredman. “Both challenges can be solved with data.”   
Topics will include: 
•    Macro trends impacting all segments of the collision industry 
•    How today's technologies — cloud, AI, mobile, and telematics are being utilized across the industry
•    The role ecosystems play in delivering transformation and touchless experiences.  
Jeff Peevy, VP of Technical Products, Programs and Services shares information about the training curriculum that will be relevant for all industry segments in the future.
This includes the impact of technology and gaming.
Webinar topics include:
• The influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and gaming on the future of training.
• How I-CAR’s Technical Operations are recalibrating its research and development area to include state-of-the-art resources for all industry segments.
• Updates on inter-industry involvement for curriculum development.
• Previews of new ways I-CAR’s technical experts are sharing information to benefit the industry.
June 2021   The Future of AI in the Collision Industry  
Driaan du Toit, Vice President of Business Development at Solera, and Evan Davies, Solera’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) share insights on how to navigate the future of the collision industry using artificial intelligence (AI).  Topics will include:
  • How innovative the collision industry has become over the last few years using technology,
  • The impacts of COVID-19 on all segments, and
  • The current and future use of artificial intelligence in the collision industry.
May 2021   The Future of Auto Glass Repair & Recalibration  
Ed Sprigler, Vice President, Recalibration Services at Safelite Group discusses: 
  • The growing complexities of glass repair due to advances in new technology 
  • ADAS and other types of technology affecting glass repair
  • The use of augmented reality (AR) in heads up display (HUD) 
  • Auto glass recalibration 
  • Impact on labor and physical locations
APR 2021   CIECA Technical Series:  2021R1 Release
  CIECA Technical Project Manager Paulette Reed and Dan Webster, Principal Architect for Mitchell International provide an overview of the CIECA 2021R1 Release Package.  
Presenters include Olivier Baudoux, Senior Vice President of Global Product Strategy and Artificial Intelligence for Mitchell International; Jimmy Spears, Head of Automotive for Tractable; and Raj Pofale, Founder and CEO of Claim Genius.
The presenters discuss the rapid adoption of technology during the pandemic that has set the stage for breakthrough advancements in the way claims are handled and highlight the importance of an open, flexible and scalable technology platform.
Feb 2021   CIECA API Standards:  The Next Generation      
This presentation introduces CIECA's next major initiative: "CIECA API Standards." These JSON-based standards, using the OpenAPI framework, will supplement the existing BMS standards and provide the industry with a new set of tools for integration.
Paul Barry, executive director; Paulette Reed, technical project manager; and Andy Bober, a software engineer at Entegral and member of CIECA's Architecture Committee, provide an overview of this exciting new chapter in the CIECA story.
Jan 2021   The EV Revolution      
  This one-hour broadcast features three presenters from different segments of the collision industry to discuss the potential impacts resulting from the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs). John Eck, collision manager, Wholesale Dealer Channel, General Motors Customer Care & After sales; Chris Evans, claim consultant, P&C Claims, State Farm Insurance Companies; and Pete Tagliapietra, business development leader, NuGen IT, an OEC company.
Dec 2020   CIECA 2020R2 Release      
Three CIECA committee chairs provide an overview of the updates in the 2020R2 Release. These include:
  • Dan Webster, CIECA Architecture Committee chair and principal architect for Mitchell International provides an overview of architectural changes in the 2020R2 release
  • Darrell Amberson, CIECA Calibration Committee chair and president of operations at LaMettry’s Collision discusses ADAS Calibration workflows
  • Mike Hastings, CIECA PMP Committee chair and product manager at  shares updates to to Parts & Materials Procurement changes.
Nov 2020   The Future EV's      
Mark Kaufman, Ford’s Global Director of Electrification, talks about the future of EVs and Ford’s approach to electrification including the Ford Certified Collision Network and preparedness for EV collision repair.
Kaufman leads the company’s overarching strategy for electrified vehicles and heads Ford Team Edison, responsible for leading dozens of teams around the world, all working collaboratively to bring electric vehicles, technology and services to market.
Oct 2020   Cybersecurity for the Collision Repair Industry      
  Mike Anderson, owner of Collision Advice, and David Willett, Value Creation Executive at ProSight Specialty Insurance offer an overview of cybersecurity, how it affects the collision repair industry and what can be done to prepare for the future. Anderson shares real-world examples of collision repairers who have been struck by ransomware. Willett will talk about current cybersecurity threats, including working remotely, new ransomware tactics and the Internet of Things (IoT).  
Sept 2020   Collision Industry Disruptions: What They Are & How They Will Disrupt the Industry
Frank Terlep, CEO of Autotechcelerators, and Jake Rodenroth, director of OEM and industry technical relations for asTech, share insight about the major disruptions affecting the collision repair industry now and in the future.  This eye-opening presentation identifies what disruptions the industry faces and what businesses can do to prepare for the future.”
Aug 2020   The Importance of OEM Certifications      
  Connor Smith, Senior Manager of OEM for CARSTAR, discusses the importance of OEM certificaitons and repair guidelines in an environment of frequent vehicle advancement. He also shares how the steps to review guidelines can be added to the repair process, where information can be accessed and how to make it a priority for teams.    
Jul 2020   CIECA 2020R1 Standards Release      
  Andy Bober discusses CIECA’s 2020R1 Standards Release including its new automated build process created for the publication of the CIECA standards.      
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