CIECAST September 17, 2020
Collision Industry Disruptions: What They Are & How They Will Disrupt the Industry
Frank Terlep, CEO of Autotechcelerators, and Jake Rodenroth, director of OEM and industry technical relations for asTech, share insight about the major disruptions affecting the collision repair industry now and in the future.  This eye-opening presentation identifies what disruptions the industry faces and what businesses can do to prepare for the future.”
CIECAST August 11, 2020
The Importance of OEM Certifications
Connor Smith, Senior Manager of OEM for CARSTAR, discusses the importance of OEM certificaitons and repair guidelines in an environment of frequent vehicle advancement. He also shares how the steps to review guidelines can be added to the repair process, where information can be accessed and how to make it a priority for teams. Following the presentation, there will be a Q and A session.
CIECAst July 28, 2020
CIECA 2020R1 Standards Release - Enhanced Quality Assurance Tools & Processes
Andy Bober discusses CIECA’s 2020R1 Standards Release including its new automated build process created for the publication of the CIECA standards. 
Erick Bickett
CIECAst June 30, 2020
Back to the Future of Collision Repair & How CIECA Brings All Industry Segments Together
Erick Bickett shares insight about the current landscape of the collision repair industry and what changes are expected to happen in the future. Erick is the past CEO and co-founder of ACAB Automotive Group and FixAuto USA, as well as the founder of CIECA. During his presentation, Erick discusses how the industry has been affected by COVID-19 and offer businesses tips on what they need to do to prepare and be sustainable for the long-term. He also talks about the critical role CIECA plays for all segments of the collision repair industry.  
CIECAst  May 19, 2020
ADAS Calibrations - Do it Right and Document What You Do
Brent Johnson, Director of Global Product Management for Collision at VSG discusses ADAS calibrations and how they should be documented.
CIECAst  April 6, 2020
How Our Industry is Addressing the Challenges Created by the Coronavirus
Business leaders from various segments of our industry highlight innovative ways companies can continue to provide high-quality service while coronavirus restrictions are in place.
CIECAst March 17, 2020
The Key to Collaboration: Combining Technology and Communication
Michael Ortega, senior director of Application Development at IAA, focuses on collaborating effectively using the right technical tools, including Swagger, OpenAPI. During his presentation, he shares when to use this technology, how to align your company’s teams and understanding these interfaces.
CIECAst February 13, 2020
Utilizing Technology to Thrive and Not Just Survive in 2020
Mike Anderson, president and owner of Collision Advice, discusses the importance of utilizing technology in the collision repair industry to thrive and not just survive in 2020. He discusses how technology can be used to eliminate human disruption, how AI will impact collision repair centers and many other interesting topics. 
CIECAst January 21, 2020
It’s 2020: Where Are Claims & the Collision Repair Market Heading?
Sean Carey, president of SCG Management Consultants, talks about where claims and the collision repair market are heading over the next 12 months and beyond. In addition to sharing insight about what to expect, Carey also discusses how to best prepare based on industry segment: independent shop, MSO, insurer, OEM or supply chain provider. In addition, he looks beyond the horizon and gives a long-term view of the market.