2017 CIECAsts

Don Elliott
CIECAst December 5, 2017

Vehicle Scans and the CIECA BMS

Don Elliot of Carfax will present an update on Vehicle Scanning and CIECA’s progress in integrating scans into the BMS for First Notice of Loss, Assignment, Estimates, Attachments, and Repair Orders.
Vehicle Scanning has become an integral part of the entire repair process. Pre-repair and Post-repair scanning have become the norm. The information received from the vehicle scan tool should be saved with the other Repair Order documentation for subsequent review, auditing, and other purposes. Repairers and the industry need a method to retain and exchange this data.
Andy Bober
CIECAst August 22, 2017

Introduction to Xsd2JSON Schema

Andy Bober of ARMS Business Solutions will present an update on the Open Source program to convert the XML schemas to JSON schemas, and how this differs from the conversion offered through XML Spy. Hear about a REST development, the conversion of XML instance documents to JSON instance documents, and more. 
Dan Webster
CIECAst May 16, 2017

What's New in Release 2017R1
Learn What is New in CIECA BMS Release 2017R1
Matt Lynch
CIECAst April 25, 2017
CER (Combined Environmental Reporting) Committee
Matt Lynch of PPG will discuss this new CIECA initiative and committee. 
CIECA’s CER (Combined Environmental Reporting) Committee’s goal is to develop the following approach: 
CIECA would develop a standard “reporting interface” based on the federal standard (CROMERR) and the standard of California CERS (California Environmental Reporting) 
The Committee would NOT attempt to address the reporting formats of the individual agencies 
The Committee would develop a standard centered around the EPA Policy Statement on E-Reporting issued September 30, 2013 
Motive Retail
CIECAst March 28, 2017
New technology working with CIECA Standards & Specifications
Learn from Kim Campassi, Motive Retail, a CIECA Member, how CIECA members can apply strategies and software applications currently being used in the automotive and powersports industries to accelerate their 3rd party integrations.These recent technological advances in data standards development and data integration can help CIECA and its members achieve its objectives of: Furthering development of electronic communication standards that allow the Collision Industry to be more efficient Promoting greater adoption of the CIECA standards Accelerating the financial growth of CIECA members by using data integration to leverage new business opportunities
CIECAst February 21, 2017
Presenting CIECA's New BATT Tool
This tool was originally used by the CIECA Architecture Team to validate BMS XML instance test files against the BMS XML Schemas. While this tool was designed and built with the CIECA Architecture Team workflow in mind, but, it is available for all Members to use. With testing and quality assurance getting more complex in the industry, the BATT tool helps members to validate instance test files against the CIECA BMS XML Schemas. Key features include: - Validates hundreds of instance test files in seconds - Is portable and lightweight - Has a browser based user interface - Builds a report with validation results including validation errors If you or your company are using the CIECA BMS, you need to learn about this new tool and how much it will save development and testing time