Repair Order

Chairpersons:  Mike Hastings & Toan Nguyen

The purpose of this report is to begin committee work on the formats needed to allow repair orders in the collision repair industry, and to define the messages and data elements necessary for the communication.  We are asking for responses and feedback from insurance carriers, repairers, rental providers, business management systems, third party intermediaries and software companies regarding all communications needed to complete the communication of repair orders within the collision industry.   
The first objective will be to establish communication framework by identifying relationships to existing data elements, data flows and connection points.   This information will then be assembled to develop message formats that will enable the many facets and message systems needed for electronic exchange of repair order information. 

Develop standard formatting that will enable electronic exchange of needed information regarding the repair order between business partners and repair facilities in the collision industry. Also included in this effort will be the development of messages that can be used to transfer data from one management system to another.  This development will create the tools for participants to enable bi-directional communication of data and messaging capability between all parties.  
Scope & Objectives

The Repair Order Committee will focus on:
  • Providing message formats for the exchange of repair order data between trading partners.
  • Providing Industry definitions for all entities involved in this process.
  • Providing Industry definitions for formats and messaging elements.
  • Establishing relationships to existing data elements.
  • Establish interoperability between applications.
  • Coordinate the delivery of payment messages and EFT.
  • Determining the benefits to all industry segments.
  • Deliver Repair Order Implementation Guide(s) with multiple use cases.
  • Developing new message types, code lists and/or fields (as needed) to facilitate repair order information communication and updates.
  • Messages will include the full spectrum of the repair order initial communication and ongoing updates, through the closing of the repair order. 

Operating Guidelines
  • To incorporate all potential business entities in the business processes.
  • To work within the Committee to establish goals and timelines.
  • To coordinate work with other CIECA Committees, focusing on the Repair Order Committee.
  • To provide an open working relationship with the Committee within the antitrust guidelines.
Industry Segments Affected
  • Repair Facility – Any company whose business concern is to repair damaged vehicles.
  • Information Providers - Any company that develops software and/or services related to estimates, repairs, data communications and/or data consolidation.  Estimatics providers are included in this segment.
  • Third Party Intermediaries–Any company that develops software, communications systems, databases and/or services related to vehicle repair assignments, vehicle repair data communications, rental companies, call centers, sublet providers, customer satisfaction service providers, auditing services providers, financial service providers, and/or vehicle repair data consolidators. 
  • Business Management System Providers— A company whose main business concern is consolidation and categorization of auto repair information or management systems for repairers to enable them to manage their business. 
  • Data Recipients - Any company that utilizes repair data as part of information consolidation. 
  • Insurance Company – Property and Casualty insurers in one or multiple lines of business who acts on behalf of their policy holder and impacted parties to repair the damage on the vehicle.
  • Sublet Providers – Any company who provides goods and/or services on behalf of the repair facility or insurance provider.
  • Call Centers – Any company or internal operations that supports the repair facility operations and communication with the vehicle owners and insurance company.
  • Rental Provider - Any company whose main businesses concern is providing vehicle rental services to the collision repair industry.

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