“CIECA Standards are really at the heart of the industry. They facilitate communication among all of the various parties and it’s critical to our business.”
Jeff Schroder, Car-Part.com
“The key is for everyone to communicate on a common IT platform. CIECA allows all industry segments to communicate with their vendor partners and offers business-to-business communications on a standardized level.”
Tom McGarry, Axalta
“I’ve been associated with CIECA probably 20 years by now. Everything they have done has revolutionized the industry.  They’ve accomplished great things, bringing more companies together by creating communication standards, which enables the companies to manage their businesses more efficiently.”
Don Porter, United Recyclers Group
“CIECA Standards are really nice to have. One of the largest problems we have with our company is being able to talk to other companies. CIECA really helps streamline this process and makes our business easier.”
Philip Read, APU Solutions
“CIECA has been delivering ecommerce and integration standards that have benefited the industry for more than 25 years. CIECA’s efforts have created a platform that allows anyone who wants to get access to the industry data they need to operate their businesses, can.”
Frank Terlep, Auto Techcelerators