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After you have had the opportunity to review the whitepapers, please email Fred Iantorno with any questions or ideas for additional whitepapers.
Complimentary Download. What You Should Know About Repair Status Notification: A Business Case on How You Can Utilize Repair Status to Improve Customer Service & Business Performance.
Complimentary Download. The CIECA CSI Committee has developed, with help from the industry, standardized CSI Questions and Answers. The people surveyed included members of ASA, SCRS, ASPA, and ARA.
There are over 198 business functions enclosed within the suite of standards. Also, there are 182 specific lists of codes with over 17,000 individual codes to standardize industry data. This document summaries the various standards and their uses.
The 6 Road Maps illustrating the various information flows between companies within the collision Industry.
The purpose of this document is to outline various options for extending the CIECA BMS schema to include additional content for specific implementations. Although benefits and risks are identified, the selection of an appropriate method will vary depending upon implementation requirements.
The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association’s Business Message Specification calls for the
support of a Universally Unique Identifier, or UUID. CIECA has prepared this document to assist those responsible for implementing CIECA Standards with questions they may have concerning UUID
CIECA is delighted to provide this document to assist those companies that wish to migrate to the BMS or, at least, understand why they should migrate.
A listing of technical terms.
BMS Solution Slides are available on each video web page under he navigation tab Business Solutions.