Work Products

CIECA's Work Products 

The CIECA suite of exchange standards/messages are based on XML, eXtensible Markup Language. The strength of XML is that it provides a generic way to process data on the internet and an efficient way to transfer data between applications and business partners.

CIECA refers to these standards/messages as the BMS (Business Message Suite). In the Collision Repair Industry, CIECA BMS/XML provides a foundation for real-time exchange of data between repairers, insurers, car rental companies, parts & materials providers, and more.

Implementing the BMS standards within the collision repair industry results in more efficiencies, consistencies, cost savings, and vehicle owner satisfaction - saving the industry time, effort, money, and customers.

The BMS/XML includes messages for transactions relative to Vehicle Damage, Glass, Rental, Salvage Assignments, Estimates, Salvage Dispositions, Attachments (images), Parts and Materials Procurement, Repair Status, Authorizations, Invoicing & Statements, Rental Locations, and Subrogation.

Twice annually CIECA produces a Release Package which includes the BMS, the XML schema, and the Code Lists. This provides developers and business partners with predictable systems development cycles.