Vehicle Diagnostic Scanning
This new committee held its first con call meeting on Monday, June 19, at 1:00 PM Eastern. It is not too late to join this committee.
Northbrook, IL May 1, 2017 - CIECA, the Source of all the Collision Industry data communications standards, today announced it will begin work on a new project to implement the exchange and transmission of scanning diagnostics results within the Business Message Suite (BMS).
"Vehicle Scanning has become an integral part of the entire repair process on certain vehicles. Pre-repair and Post-repair scanning has become necessary in certain situations. The information received from the vehicle scan tool should be saved with the other Repair Order documentation for subsequent review, auditing, and other purposes. Repairers and the industry need a method to retain and exchange this data with the entire RO file," said Darrell Amberson, of LaMettry's Collision Inc., and author of the CIECA project request.
These scan output files/documents can be exchanged between the Repair Facility, the Insurance Carrier, or other involved parties. The scans can be attached to messages, such as the Repair Order, and then transmitted to the appropriate trading partner. "The scan output data can be either images, XML, pdf's, or CSV files, depending on the scan tool. The BMS (Business Message Suite) leverages all file types," said Fred Iantorno, Executive Director of CIECA.
The demand for pre- and post-scanning has increased over the past year. Just as collision repair shops are required to re-tool with scan diagnostics and tools; the data systems need to be re-tooled with the addition of scan data.
The project is being fast-tracked to meet the needs of the industry. Contact CIECA to participate in the project. Please forward this email to others in your company that might be interested in joining the project.
More information about the scanning project, email Fred Iantorno, Executive Director, at