Chairperson:  Kathy Goddard

The purpose of this report is to continue work by committee members on the glass business information passing between parties as it relates to the collision repair industry.  We are asking for responses and feedback from the industry at-large relative to the work the committee has done so far, and to emphasize the importance of continued work in this area. 
The first objective will be to revitalize membership in this committee.  It is evident that a framework has already been set that can drive future progress, and success will be dependent upon an expanded active participation.

The mission of the CIECA Glass Committee is to develop standards to electronically exchange data between parties involved in business segments associated with the auto glass replacement industry.

The Glass Committee is chartered with developing electronic business standards that can be adopted and implemented by auto glass replacement companies, insurance carriers, third party administrators, suppliers, consumers, and related collision industry members and their associations.
The Glass Committee will follow the standards of CIECA Architecture Committee’s BMS (Business Message Specification) to develop electronic transactions based upon XML message formats. 
Scope & Objectives

The objective of the Glass Committee is to define standard implementations for data exchange of glass work assignments, repair invoices, remittance advice, and acknowledgements between industry participants.
The Glass Committee will focus:
  • Defining codes to be used in the implementation of standard message(s)
  • Supporting data elements from existing standards in the BMS & EDI (i.e. 272, 811, 820, 850, trial will 997)
  • Determining the benefits to all industry segments
  • Establishing Glass Implementation Guides.
  • The scope of the Glass Committee includes but is not limited to the following messages:
  • Invoice
  • Assignment
  • Remittance Advice
  • Acknowledgement – functional
  • Acknowledgement with detailed messages, including error reporting
XML message documents will be consistent with the data structures, schema definitions, and naming conventions within CIECA’s BMS.
Operating Guidelines
  • Incorporate all potential business entities in the business processes
  • Work with the group to respond to group goals and timelines
  • Provide an open working relationship with the Committee within the antitrust guidelines
Industry Segments Affected
  • Glass Installers – Those companies whose main business is to install auto glass.
  • Glass Suppliers – Those companies whose main business is to supply auto glass to the Glass Installers.
  • Third Party Administrators -   TPA, the companies whose main business is to administer the claim process life cycle for insurance carriers.
  • Insurers – Insurance companies.
  • Information Technology Providers – Any entity that develops and or maintains software applications or services related to the procurement, delivery, installation, and invoicing cycles of auto glass and its associated products and services.

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