What is CIECA?

CIECA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of software standards intended to improve the efficiency of the Collision Repair Industry.
CIECA was created when a number of people from different parts of the industry came together to seek a solution to manual and redundant processes that arose as computers became the dominant tool for managing auto repair processes.  Over the years CIECA has evolved to become the recognized standards body for the industry.
CIECA provides the industry with a 'common language' to exchange data between companies and systems.  By providing a common means of communicating, software providers and companies developing IT processes can exchange data with trading partners, confident they are speaking the same language.
CIECA is a Membership based company that is made up of companies from all segments of the collision repair industry including:
  • Repair facilities
  • Insurance companies
  • Rental car providers
  • Parts and materials providers
  • Salvage and Recycling providers
  • Appraisal services
  • Industry associations and more
As technology evolves in terms of vehicle construction, repair procedures, workflow processes, repair tools, or any other aspect of collision repair, CIECA provides a forum to educate the industry, identify opportunities to improve the exchange of data and provide members with more efficient means of serving the industry.