2019 CIECAsts

CIECAst November 12, 2019
This Changes Everything: The Impact of New Technologies on the Auto Physical Damage & Claims Ecosystem
During this live broadcast, Stephen Applebaum, Insurance Solutions Group, shares his subject matter expertise and insights into the business disruption being experienced by participants across the entire auto insurance ecosystem. These include insurance carriers, collision repairers, all of the many supply chain partners, and most importantly, customers.
CIECAst October 15, 2019
What to Expect in 2020:  Developments in the automobile in 2019 and what that may mean in 2020
Susanna Gotsch discusses how changes to the automobile have impacted both vehicle loss costs and vehicle accident frequency in 2019. 
CIECAst August 8, 2019
Inside the AI Black Box: Understanding How Algorithms Appraise Auto Damage in Seconds
This CIECAst opens up the black box on how AI generates repair estimates from photos. It walks you through the fundamentals of computer vision, shares a live demo, and highlights key considerations for organizations pioneering AI.
CIECAst June 18, 2019
The Modern Claims Experience Using Intelligent FNOL
In today’s CIECAst, Michael Naoom will discuss the emergence of intelligent FNOL (First Notice of Loss) and how it can be used during the claims process. He will talk about the importance of adopting digital claims and what the industry needs to do to remain competitive and avoid disruption.
Jeff Saye
CIECAst May 21, 2019
Impact of AI on Claims
In today’s CIECAst, Jeff Saye, Global Claims Service Line Leader for Genpact, shares real examples on where companies are focusing AI solutions in auto claims and then follow it up with how it is impacting claims organizations now and into the future.
Raj Pofale
CIECAst April 9, 2019
AI and Photo Estimating
In today’s CIECAst, Raj Pofale, founder and CEO of Claim Genius, will address why AI and photo estimates are needed in today’s environment. He will also share how Photo Estimatics is bringing innovation to the Claims & Recycling industry. 
Dawn Mortimer
CIECAst  March 19, 2019
How Telematics is Driving Right-Touch Claims
Dawn Mortimer of Verisk discusses how to build a roadmap to right-touch claims and proactive loss mitigation. She will also talk about solving the “many-to-many” problem by utilizing the exchange model framework to collect data from the OEMs, TSPs and other providers in order to streamline operations and efficiency.
CIECAst February 12, 2019
Interpreting and Documenting Scan Data, Trouble Codes, Calibration
Chuck Olsen, executive director of operations for AirPro Diagnostics, will discuss the proper application of Live Scan Data, DTCs, and Service Information during the scan process for diagnostic and calibration decisions as well as the tools and equipment needed.
Mike Anderson
CIECAst January 12, 2019
Telematics and the Future of Collision Repair by Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson share some insights as to what the future holds in regard to the role that Telematics and Connected Vehicles will play in the collision repair industry. 
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