Vehicle Titling


The purpose of this report is to continue work by committee members on the MVT business information passing between parties as it relates to the collision repair and related industries.  We are asking for responses and feedback from the industry at-large relative to the work the committee has done so far, and to emphasize the importance of continued work in this area. 
The first objective will be to develop a single focus of the committee’s scope, objectives and goals.  It is evident that a framework has already begun that can drive future progress, and success will be dependent upon an expanded active participation.
Today, insurance adjusters across the country are calling lien holders to obtain lien pay off balances and chasing owners for title signatures or power of attorneys’.  Automating this process to send an electronic communication and accept electronic signatures to/from the lien holders/owners, would lead to a more efficient process for all parties involved.
Our emphasis is on gaining efficiencies and improving customer service that is being stressed in the industry now. 
Scope & Objectives

The MVT Committee will focus on the potential and process of:
  • Determine the benefits to all industry segments
  • Provide industry definitions (including questions and answers) and process flows
  • Develop a standard format for data communications
  • Create a standard for request, acquisition, and submission of electronic signatures, in concert with current and developing electronic signatures.
  • Develop the process for electronic notarization. 
  • Develop relationships with state DMVs and the business case for acceptance and processing of electronic titles and signatures.
  • Develop relationships with lienholders and business case for acceptance and processing of electronic titles and signatures.
  • Coordinate our work with NMVTIS and the related vendors.
  • Develop a path for electronic submission of messages and signatures in concert with the lienholder payment.
  • Invite non-CIECA organizations and companies to join us in this development.
Operating Guidelines
  • To incorporate all potential business entities in the business processes
  • To work with the group to respond to group goals and timelines
  • To provide an open working relationship with the Committee within the antitrust guidelines.
  • To adhere to existing standards for electronic signatures and notarizations.
Industry Segments Affected
  • Salvage Provider: Any entity that routinely takes or maintains ownership of total loss or theft-recovered vehicles.   This includes insurance companies, rental car companies, fleet management companies, etc.
  • Vehicle Resale Providers: Any entity that routinely takes or maintains ownership of vehicles.   This includes insurance companies, rental car companies, fleet management companies, whole car auctions, and anyone requesting lien releases.
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): State organizations that process and control titling in their respective state.
  • DMV Interface Companies: Any entity which provides a front end software interface to a DMV system. (e.g., Electronic Lien Providers, Electronic Registration Providers, Inquiry Aggregators)
  • Lienholders: Any entity which provides either lending or leasing services for the acquisition of vehicles, and has a financial interest in the vehicle.
  • Title Clearinghouse Companies/ Third Party Administrator: Any entity which receives, sends, or processes title work on behalf of any party, such as a Salvage Provider.  This is an outsourced processing center.
  • Title Warehousing Companies: Any entity which holds title on behalf of a lienholder or fleet company.
  • Electronic Document/Signature Companies: Any entity which provides either the generation, acquisition and/or processing of electronic documents and/or signatures.
  • Vehicle Owners: Any person or entity that has possession and holds title to a vehicle. 
  • Salvage Vendors/Salvors: Any entity responsible for the disposal of total loss or theft-recovered vehicles on behalf of a Salvage Provider.   (e.g., salvage pools, auction companies, online auction companies) 
  • Salvage Buyers: Any entity which purchases a salvage vehicle through a Salvage Vendor or directly from a Salvage Provider.  (e.g., auto part recyclers/dismantlers, rebuilders, repair facilities, dealers, scrap buyers, private individuals)
  • Information Provider: Any entity whose business includes any combination of doing business as a Software Provider and/or a Service Provider that develops and/or maintains applications and/or services related to title processing, and/or data collection and/or consolidation. 
  • Data Recipients:  Any entity which receives or utilizes title related data.  Data Recipients include law enforcement, National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Insurance Services Organization (ISO), state departments of motor vehicles (DMVs), National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS).
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