Since 2005, CIECA has expanded and widened its strategic alliances with other organizations within and tangent to the collision repair industry.
To date, alliances have been established with the following organizations: AAIA, ACORD, ARA, ASPA, ASC X12, OTA, and, STAR.* Through these relationships, CIECA standards/messages are being mapped and harmonized to other industries.
CIECA's participation in cross-industry groups ensures standards interoperability between industries. CIECA is recognized as a leader in this initiative. This "partnership approach" delivers creative, industry specific solutions, co-developed specifically to match the industry’s requirements. Most importantly, it delivers results, and, also, prevents duplication of standard-setting efforts.
CIECA's goal is to focus on each link in the industry and to respond to the industry's most pressing business needs.

*AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association), ACORD (Association for Cooperative Research and Development), ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association), ASPA (Automotive Salvage Pool Association), ASC X12 (Accredited Standards Committee X12), OTA (Open Travel Alliance), and STAR (Standards for Technology in Automotive Retail)