Mission | Vision

​CIECA's Mission "Our Name is our Mission"
The Collision Industry Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) develops and promotes electronic communication standards that allow the collision industry to be more efficient.
CIECA's Vision Statement

It is the vision of CIECA to have an e-commerce-enabled collision industry that allows all industry segments to communicate electronically, independent of platform or software used. 
CIECA Membership is Key to Success

The key to CIECA's success lies in encouraging ideas and participation from all levels of CIECA membership, then using the established standardization process to implement those ideas. The more ideas that are explored, the more ideas will ultimately benefit the collision repair industry. CIECA is structured to do just that: encourage ideas and participation from all members, and offer a variety of standardization methods to meet the market needs for each idea. 
CIECA is a Not-for-Profit C(6) corporation that is incorporated in the state of Ohio.