Clint Marlow

Industry Segment:   Insurance

Organization:           Allstate Insurance

Title:                        Director

Years in Industry:    35+

Years with CIECA:   5+

Clint Marlow’s current focus at Allstate centers on forwarding looking research, key strategic projects, and strategic partnerships. Clint has been with CIECA for the past five years, is the co-chairman of the FNOL Committee, and chairs the CIC Insurer / Repairer Relationship committee.

Roy Schnepper

Industry Segment:   Repair

Organization:           Automotive Service Association (ASA)

Title:                        Past-Chair

Years in Industry:    45+

Years with CIECA:   10

Roy Schnepper, president and owner of Butler's Collision Center, has given much of his time to better the industry, which has included serving ASA of Michigan as chairman; involvement with the ASA national board of directors, including a term as chairman; the I-CAR board of directors, the AMi board of trustees, as well as an active member of CIC and SCRS.

Driaan DuToit

Industry Segment:    Information Provider

Organization:           Audatex, A Solera company

Title:                        Vice President

Years in Industry:     

Years with CIECA:    1

Driaan du Toit joined Solera Holdings Inc. more than six years ago. A qualified chartered accountant, Driaan decided to transition into strategic, operational, sales, business development and client relationship management. He holds a degree from the University of South Africa and a CA                                                           designation from the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

Logan McPherson

Industry Segment:   Paint & Materials Provider

Organization:           Axalta Coating Systems

Title:                        Digital Innovations Manager

Years in Industry:    21

Years with CIECA:   0

Logan Macpherson is responsible for Axalta’s eCommerce channels, partner integrations and ColorNet® and ProfitNet® end user software applications. Logan joined CIECA in the Fall of 2021.

Ashley Denison

Industry Segment:   Repair

Organization:           Caliber Collision

Title:                        Chief Information Officer

Years in Industry:    9

Years with CIECA:  3

Responsible for Caliber’s enterprise-wide business IT strategy, implementation and operations, Ashley Denison has overseen the transformation of Caliber’s home-grown legacy systems to the current management, estimating, financial and cloud-based platforms across more than 1,000                                                             company-owned locations.

Greg Best

Industry Segment:    Insurance

Organization:           California Casualty

Title:                         Senior Analyst

Years in Industry:     25+

Years with CIECA:    4

Greg Best has experience in claims, underwriting, and IT. He is currently a member of the Executive Committee and is the Photo Based Estimating Committee chair. He would like to continue outreach and push for the further adoption of industry standards, as well as helping to                                                               guide advancement with the utilization of new technologies.  

Jeff Schroder

Industry Segment:    Parts / Information Provider


Title:                        CEO

Years in Industry:     23

Years with CIECA:   20

Jeff Schroder serves on CIECA's executive committee as chairman. He also serves on the parts procurement committee, and CIC Parts Definition committee. Jeff leads Car-Part's Integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) and iPro Analytics Product Management teams along with its business                                                         development efforts.

Dan Risley

Industry Segment:    Information Provider

Organization:           CCC Information Services

Title:                        Vice President of Quality Repair and Marketing Development

Years in Industry:     30

Years with CIECA:    3

Dan Risley works closely with car manufacturers to understand and deliver products & services to meet their needs.  He spent eight years as president of SCRS and five years as president of ASA. He has participated on many industry boards and committees including the CIC                                                                       Database Taskforce chair and CIC Data Privacy Committee chair, and is an AMi board member.

Rick Palmer

Industry Segment:    Information Provider

Organization:           ComputerLogic, Inc.

Title:                        President / CEO

Years in Industry:     35+

Years with CIECA:    25

Over his career, Richard Palmer has led the development effort for numerous software applications that are used today by all segments of the collision industry, including repairers, paint and material manufacturers and distributors, and insurers. As an original member of CIECA, he has served on the board since 1995 and was the chairman of the Board of Trustees in 2003.

Kim DeVallance Caron

Industry Segment:    Rental

Organization:            Enterprise Holdings

Title:                         Director of Product Discovery

Years in Industry:     27

Years with CIECA:    15

In her current role at Enterprise Holdings, the company that operates the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent-A-Car brands, Kim DeVallance Caron provides direction and strategic vision for the software development of the ARMS® (Automated Rental                                                                         Management System) Applications. She also assists with other solutions, focusing on the replacement business segments that Enterprise                                                                   supports. 

Erick Bickett 

Industry Segment:    Repair

Organization:            FixAuto USA

Title:                         CEO / Founder

Years in Industry:      35+

Years with CIECA:    25+

Erick Bickett has been a leader and innovator since the mid 1980s, devoting countless hours to the collision repair industry. He co-founded Auto Center Auto Body in 1984 and FIX Auto USA in 1997. Erick founded CIECA in 1994 and he remains a lifetime board member. 

John Vito

Industry Segment:    Rental

Organization:           The Hertz Corporation

Title:                        Senior Director Replacement Client Solutions and Partnerships

Years in Industry:    30+

Years with CIECA:   15

Since joining Hertz in 2002, John Vito has held various sales, operations and management positions within the car rental industry. As the senior director replacement client solutions and partnerships, John has a passion for exploring partnerships and technology solutions focused on providing great customer service and is proud to be part of the collision community.

Mark Helvenston

Industry Segment:    Salvage

Organization:           Insurance Auto Acutions (IAA)

Title:                        Vice President of Industry Relations and Alliance Partnerships

Years in Industry:     30+

Years with CIECA:    12

Mark Helvenston spearheads IAA's strategic partnerships with organizations that are part of the overall automotive industry. An active industry supporter, Mark sits on various boards and committees, including the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) Board of Trustees and                                                               SkillsUSA (National Competition, Technical Committee Member).

Mike Marlowe

Industry Segment:    Parts & Materials

Organization:           LKQ Corporation

Title:                        Enteprise Architecture

Years in Industry:     30+

Years with CIECA:   13+

Mike Marlowe is responsible for Enterprise Architecture for LKQ Corporation and its subsidiaries, including Keystone Industries. He has held various technology roles with LKQ and Keystone along with various board positions with CIECA, including treasurer and secretary.

Phil Martinez

Industry Segment:    Information Provider

Organization:            Mitchell International

Title:                         Senior Technical Consultant

Years in Industry:      35+

Years with CIECA:    27

Phil Martinez is responsible for integrating Mitchell solutions with industry trading partners. He led the development of CIECA standards since CIECA was founded and helped develop EMS, ASC X12, and BMS data standards for the Auto Physical Damage industry. In addition to holding                                                         many executive committee positions over the years, Phil sits on several CIECA committees and co-chairs the VDI and Total Loss committees.

Russ Sims

Industry Segment:    Insurance

Organization:           Nationwide Insurance

Title:                        Property & Casualty Claims Senior Business Consultant

Years in Industry:     25+

Years with CIECA:     1+

Russ Sims joined Nationwide in 1994. In his current position, he helps ensure that the technology being used keeps pace with the ever-changing needs of customers and associates. Russ has served on CIECA's Subrogation Committee in the past, helping to build the BMS messages.

Brady Bonner

Industry Segment:    Information Provider

Organization:            Safelite Solutions, LLC

Title:                          Vice President of Client Sales and Support

Years in Industry:      30+

Years with CIECA:     1+

Brady Bonner focuses on solutions that provide value to clients at Safelite Solutions. He has been involved with many charitable organizations over the past 30 years. Most recently, he is on the board of the Caper 10 Alumni Association, which helps provide college scholarships for                                                                   students at his alma mater high school in NJ.

Ed Mondragon

Industry Segment:   Insurance

Organization:          State Farm Insurance

Title:                        Property & Casualty Claims Director

Years in Industry:    25+

Years with CIECA:    1+

Ed Mondragon has been in the auto insurance and collision repair industries for more than 25 years. He has significant experience in auto claims, process design and improvement, operational leadership, and organizational transformation. Ed is a solution-oriented leader focused                                                              on building collaborative teams and improving customer experience.

Charles Dillard

Industry Segment:   Repair

Organization:          Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS)

Title:                        Chief Financial Officer

Years in Industry:    30+

Years with CIECA:   13+

Charles Dillard, chief financial officer at Precision Body & Paint, is actively involved in the collision industry, regularly attending SCRS and CIC, and learning what is transpiring to remain current and compliant with the challenges of repairing today's vehicles. Charles received an                                                                         Outstanding Contribution award for a special project he was involved in with CIECA in 2007.